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Monday, November 1, 2004

   my best halloween so far!!!!!
~we spent the night at cassandras house!
8:00pm Okay My friend was maralin manson, my otherfriend was a dead person and i was a murdurous drug dealer! so we were in the neighborhood and had a crap load of silly string and did every ones houses in it and thier mail boxes!
We were just walkin and talikin and this wigger was in front of us and he thot we were talkin to him so he comes up to cassandras face and startes sayin "what you gatta say bitch? tou got somethin so to say in my fuckin face you fuckin bitch? bring it you mother fuckin bitch!" it was sorta scary cuz we ran into him 3 times! lol! but it was funny! we got kupresuns at this one house!
11:00pm when all the houses were out of candy we had no where to go! so we sat on the edge of a street and started singing rurouni kenshins begining song, aqua teens begining song, inuyasha 1st and 2nd ending song, .hacks begining song, green day, maralin manson, slipnot, and the killers! it was funny cuz peeps were passin by and this one group said that weshould keep singin!
12:00am we got home and started playin tony hawk underground2 and bobit extreme!after that we read manga out loud at the ame time to each other in stupid voices! then we got back at playin tony hawk to guilty gear back to tony hawk! 3:00am i think cassandra fell asleep on the floor and me and brittany were still playin tony hawk! i ate a crap load of candy and then went to the bathroom....
i dont remember anything after that but this is what brittany said:
she said that i was really highper and i was drawing a deformed anime character while singing like a drunky! and that i was acting like and that i looked like i was high! she said that she thinks i went into the bathroom and secretly smoked some weed.... but i didnt! lol! it was really funny!
5:00am we went to bed
7:30am we woke up and cassandras parents left. so we wnt online and went to homestarrunner.com! then we listen to some electronica on her awesome sterio system! we were going to go to cliffs house so we walked about a mile and then when we were right at his house we turned around! i dont know why but it was really stupid! so we went to a gas station and got some sobe drinks! me and brittany drunk ours and smashed them in the road! then some cars came and ran over the glass pieces! so we went back to the house and chilled out! after we were restes we went outside to go to jeramys house and listened to some thursday, greenday, slipnot and some other stuff on jeramys kick ass system! then jeramy stole cassandra sobe bottle and we had to kick his butt! him and his bro or what ever, we had to catch them! we finally got the bottle back but he also stole cassandras halloween makeup! so we went into thier back yard and thier do attacked me! i wasnt scared at first but when it almost bit me i jumped over the fence! it was really weired! well we still have gotton cassandras makeup back!
we went home and called our parents to go home!

that was an awesome halloween! maybe not to you but to me! (cuz my life is boring and stuipid!)

(i'll put pics on the site when they develope!)

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