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Friday, October 8, 2004

   INUYASHA FANFICTION! made by me and kyo (darkdragonfire)
episode 1: something unusual...

inuyasha and miroku are walking on a path in the woods.
inu: man those girls are annoying!
miroku: why do you say that? they are nice to look at and feel too!
inuyasha hits miroku on the head.
miroku: ow! what did you do that for? Damn you! you left a bump on my very attractive head!
inu: fine! you wanna start a fight? then bring it!
miroku: okay then lets go!
kagome and sango scream for help
miroku: was that kagome and sango?
inu: ya sounds like it. lets go
they run to the hot springs where kagome and sango are
miroku: oh ya! now thats what i'm talking about!
inu:miroku! stop that! we have to get the imposter!
miroku: okay okay!
???: oh crap!
the imposter runs away into the woods. miroku and inuyasha follow him. kagome and sango put on thier clothes and tag along.
inu: hurry! we almost caught up with him!
rin: stop!
inu&miroku: huh?
rin: please dont hurt lord sesshomaru! hes not feeling good!
kagome: it was sesshomaru?
jaken: uh.... ya.... hes drunk!
sango kagome inu and miroku just about fall to the ground suprised.
sessh: jaken you asshole! i'm not drunk! whats your problem? come on! lets fight inuyasha!
inu: no problem! i'll just kick your ass anyway!
rin: no lord sesshomaru! we must flee!
sessh: no! i can fight!
rin: no you cant! please listen to me!
sessh: fine.... but just this once...
sesshomaru grabs rin and flees while jaken running behind.
inu: well...that was weired! what just really happend?
miroku: what did he do to you girls?
kagome: nothing really... he was just spieing on us it seemed...
inu: hes not like that though...
sango: maybe for the shards?
inu: but he doesnt collect the shards...
miroku: unless if jaken was right?
inu miroku sango and kagome allmost fall again from the the unexpected situation.
inu: i say we go find him and kick his ass!
kagome: nice plan!

episode 2:: THE UNKNOWN DEMON!

Iuyasha starts sniffing the air.
Kagome: whats wrong?
Inu: i scence a demon...Shippo and Kirara too....???
Kagome: Shippo! Him too!
Inu: you girls go find Kirara and Shippo, me and Miroku will go find that demon!
Miroku: fine...
Shippo: Kirara! Kirara! where are you!?
Demon: laughs
Shippo: *scared* Kirara?
the demon attacks Shippo
Sess: Jaken you idiot! you made a sound and the girls hurd us!
i was quit injoying myself!
Jkaen: well, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have gotten your site!Sess: shut up! before i slaughter you!
Jaken: OK OK!!!
Sess: make yourself useful go get Rin.
Jaken: remember? you left her and whent to the springs!?
Sess: DAMN IT! i forgot! i must find her!
Jaken: why? she only gets in the way!
Sessomaru hits Jaken in the head.
Shippo: you got me!
Demon: laughs
Shippo: Now lets go find Kirara!
Demon: OK!
Inuyasha and the others arrive.
Inu: this is the demon!?
Miroku: Looks familiar...
Shippo: she's my new friend!
Kagome: now shippo, you shouldn't just go up to a demon like that!
Inu: HEY!!!!!!!!!
Kagome: i mean stray demons!
the somewhat demon takes off the hood of her clock.
All: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
Inuyasha sniffs Rin and she giggles.
Inu: no wonder you smell like demon! you've been around Sesshomaru!

Episode 3: Why rin?

Kagome: but why are you here? dont you want to be with Sesshomaru?
Rin: yes but he just abandond me!
Sango: thats soo sad! Inu: how do we know if she just isnt trying to spy on us for Sesshomaru?
Rin: im serious! he just left me there and never came back! HE MADE ME STAY HERE FOR LIKE 5 HOURS!
Miroku: here that?
Rin:is that Jaken? singing?
Sess: Jaken SHUT UP!
Jaken: yes my lord!
Sess: so...Inuyasha, about that fight?!
Inu: Kagome, go run for cover!
Sango: Kirara go with her...Kirara? Kirara!
Kirara yelps for help!
Shippo: Sesshomaru has Kirara!
Sango: Shippo, Kagome we have to find Kirara!
Kagome: OK!
Inu: me and Miroku will fight Sesshomaru!
Sess: Rin! come back to me!
Rin: WHY?
Jaken: you better listen!
Rin: you just left me here! FOREVER!!!
Sess: i was....
Rin: i thought you really cared for me! -._-. you just used me for your stupid gay chores!
Sess: uh.....
Miroku: lets go! we can fight later....
Inu: NO!
Miroku: it looks pretty serious. lets just watch! come on!
Inu: FINE!
Inuyasha and Miroku hide behond a bush and watch.
Kagome: e cant-
Inu: SSSHHH!!! watch!
Kagome, Sango, and Shippo watch Sesshomaru and Rin with the others.

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