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Friday, October 8, 2004

   my angel
My angel, are you there?
Do you hear my call?
My tears are streaming,
and no one cares at all.

The sun is shining,
but dark is my day,
so many things
I wish I could say.

My hope lives no more,
I've closed the door,
my wrists are sore,
-nothing to live for.

My heart is gone,
a big, black hole,
my eyes, they're empty,
-dark as coal.

My soul is gone,
in a place so far,
the pain has left,
an everlasting scar.

I have no wind
beneath my wings,
pain is all
that time ever brings.

Angel, my angel,
to you I pray,
that this will be
my dying day.

I'm holding a rose,
watching as it dies,
so much beauty,
hid behind lies.

I have another beauty,
please don't think it's a lie,
a beauty
that can't be seen with the eye.

But now I'm dead,
I'm dead inside,
My dearest angel,
in you I confide.

Please take me away
from this world so cruel,
because if you're different,
they think you're a fool.

I cannot shed tears,
for they have dried,
countless times
I've sit and cried.

So now that I've shed
my final tear,
continuing this journey
is my biggest fear.

I don't wish
to see a new tomorrow,
because I have been drowned
in all this sorrow.

My angel, are you there?
Do you hear my call?
for inside I have died
and no one cares at all.

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