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Friday, October 8, 2004

   Broken me
My heart is black
burnt like coal.
My lips yearn to touch
your once beautiful soul.
My eyes engulfed in rage
and burden.
My fearless path now
stomped on and beaten.
My passing cries
and quick glimpse
are returned to me
with unforgiven responses.
I mourn to you
one last time.
My heart will not stop
loving your delicate mind.
Abandoned and forgotten,
lost in a world cold and
full of hate.
Revenge seeks my now
tormented mind.
Listen to the words of love
now spoken in words of
Never will I feel the love,
never will I trust the hand
that will ever rock my
mournful body.
Never will my heart turn
back, from black to
pounding red.
Without you on my side
I'm a lost soul who can't
find my perfect ending.

Forever Forgotten
my life now meaningless
and shattered.
Taunted and humiliated
by everyday standards.

Looking past the rage
that burdens,
Love flourishes and blooms.
Takes hold of the emptiness
and fills it with joy and compassion.
With nobody that seemed to
take hold and understand
he sits there.,
waiting for a perfect time.
Waiting to grab my hand
and listen to my past
that seems so unforgiven.
Always by my side,
Always sat there in the corner,
always hidden by the dark
shadow i created.
But there a glimpse of hope,
when i seen his eyes peer
into mine.
My life like shattered glass,
now perfectly placed above
the mantle,
a perfect silhouette of you
and I standing there looking
into the mirror.

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