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Friday, October 8, 2004

jeez.... does my skool have enough perverts? I'm just walking to my 3rd period and all of a sudden this guy walks past me and grabs my ass! I'm like what the fuck? but the halls were too crouded and i guess i lost him! okay so after 3rd period was done i went to my 4th period and this tall guy just comes up to me and runs right into me! right into my chest! *you know what i mean*! oh! and then another guy in pe grabs the straps off my pants (those goth pants u get from "hot topic") and then... i dunno! i dunno if that was a spank or a rub! but i chased him with a safety pin and stabed him! i got in trouble but i didnt get sent up to the office! *finally last period* i had to go run some erins for my la teacher and this guy named antonn comes up and pops me with a rubber band right in the chest! in the unaprobiate spot! god! why did this happen today? usually i'm ignored and nobody notices me.... but today was odd.....?! SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND? ....so comment me or what ever.... p.m. or something and tell me if YOU have these days.....

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