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Monday, September 20, 2004

   U kno u watch 2 much inuyasha when....
You dream about the cast all night.
You wish you were married to one of the cast.
You name your pet after a cast member.
You count down the days untill the next new moon.
You jump into every well you see hoping that it will connect you to Inuyasha's age.
You only eat rammen.
You spend weeks looking for a white wig.
Feh is a new word in your vocabulary.
You write Inuyasha lemons,and fanfict while drawing fan art in the mean time.
You wrote to cartoonnetwork telling them that you wanted Inuyasha.
You ask every woman you see "will you bear my child?" (if your a guy)
You sleep in a tree.
You refer to yourself as Kono _____sama.
Your dissapointed because you bought a bike just like Kagomes but yours dosen't have an Inuyasha.
You don't live in Japan/understand Japanese and you have seen all of season 4.
You only wear.. sailor suits(girls)red kimotos(guys).
You scream at anyone who disses Inuyasha.
You would say yes to Miroku if he asked.
You create hate sites for Hojo and Kikyo.
Your cat is very fat and named Buyo.
You dig wells in your backyard and build a shrine around it.
You spend your holidays looking for wells in Japan.
You walk around sticking ofudas on people's foreheads.
You buy prayer beads and call them the latest fashion.
You expect your friends to fall down when you yell "sit."
You call all the buses Kirara.
You take archery classes hoping that you will get better then Kagome.
You yell "Naraku" at every person you see in a monkey suit.
You carry a giant yellow backpack where ever you go.
You make a gaint boomerang out of plywood.
You sware that your x-girlfriend is dead.

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