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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Site Has Moved

Plz Click Link Below To View New Site

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

{date} 12/30/06
{time} 10:02 PM

Hey Ims Back
Soooo how have yall been doing.I HAve been fine.I dont know if ill be back again..But maybe tommorow.Im at my grandmas house and my dad is not letting me on his computer still cuz i crashed it.O well.I miss yall so much.I re-did my site as u can see.There is a pic of the girl that the site is deticated to but its always been on here sooo ya.I have been going out with Savannah for about like 4 Months.Im glad we are.Im like madly in love with her.I bet she is with me to because i ask everybody if she talks about me and they say she does all the time ^-^..
Im Sooo happy.I wish i could be with her right now.....T-T.O yeah guess what I got A PSP for Christmas.It soo awesome.The Graphics or Fricken sweet.Well i guess ill see u guys later..Got to go think of Savannah.Byyyyyyye ill miss u all again.lol


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good Bye T-T

{Date} Nov 23 2006
{Time} 7:25 Am

Hey EveryBody Im Back
But Im not going to be hear for long.Srry.Im grounded for a really long time from the computer.And it really sucks because there was a virus on the computer.I thought i got rid of it but i didnt.The computer crashed and my dad reinstalled everything.So the computer is fine.Im at my GrandMas house right now.For thanksgiving.There is one thing im mostly thankful for. and that is my Girl Friend Savannah.I love her so much.Just the other day her friend called me to ask me questions.Like if i really like her.I really do like her A LOT.She ask me if i want to have a seriace relationship with her and i said yes.We have been going out for a long time.Well enough about that dont want to go into all the details if u know what i mean.lol Ummmmm well i hope u guys have a good thanksgiving and A merry Christmas.Im just going to change my site a little bit. K cuz i have nothing to do.Soo bye.I will be gone for a long time.Im srry T-T


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Friday, November 17, 2006

HeY EvErYBoDy!!!

{Date}: Nov 17 2006
{time}: 10:06 Pm

Hey Whats Up Im Back
Hey Yalls.I did my site a little different.Sooo i hope you guys like it.Im 14 now.Im sooo Happy now.Im gettin older and older.I had sooo much fun on my B-day.I had fun with Pipsqueak.We made a SkateBoarding video.I was in it.I was bad cuz i was nervous.But most of the time im good.I have to get warmed up.And i wasnt.I just did some stretches and started Skating.Srry if i didnt get to comment on ur site but im trying to catch up with everything.Oh yeah u know my little thingy that says my friends.If u want to be in it u have to have a button for me on ur site to.If u dont know how to ill send u the code.Or better yet ill just make it and put it on my site for yall.SO u can copy it to your site.Right now im watching naruto and lee and gara were fighting.It looked funny.XD.Well im going to go and start to comeent on yall site.Soo im going to go.Also i have to put that thing on my site for u guys.That button code.So if u want me to put u on the list tell me that u put the code on me site in a P.M. and ill add u to my list.Also if u take it off in the futur ill take u off of it.Sooo yeah.Ill see yall later.Have fun what ever u guys are doing.And remember.....I LOVE SAVANNAH!!!! XD FOREVER!!!!
Talk to yall later..


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Saturday, November 11, 2006



Hey everybody
Whats up yalls.Guess what tommorow is Yep thats right its going to my my birthday.YESSSS!!!!!!!!
I already got my present from my mom and dad.It was that game Need For Speed Carbon.Which i already beat.Alson im having a birthday party at my house with all my friends that i want to come.
I want my girl friend to come really bad.Hey she on yahoo now. Sweet.Now i can talk to her.Yess.But i really want her to come.Soo i can give her something.If u know what i mean *evil smile*And i hope u guys like what i did to my site.The wallpaper i put on.I made it my self.Soo hope yall like it. Ill see u later.


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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

SuP pLaYeRs

{date}: Nov 8 , 2006
{time}: 6:49 Pm

Hey everybody
Whats up.Im back.The only reason im on
today is because i got a good grade on
a test in Language Arts.I dont even
Know why Arts is in that word.Theres
Nothing about art in that class.Oh well
Sooooo ive been play my game Need For
Speed Carbon alot.Ive got 78% through the
Game already.It only been three days since
i had it.Well i pretty much been bored at
school this whole week.Yea i forgot i have
no school friday.YESSSSS.Also im getting my
hair layered so i can have it styled the
way i want.Im so glad now i can get rid of
my bushy hair.Its not curly it straight but
to bushy.Well got 2 go.OHHHH YEAH Thxs u
guys so much.Thxs for my 300th guestbook
signing.Ill put i pic up on my post.Or under
it. lol ^-^ Well c yall later.


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Sunday, November 5, 2006

wHaT uP pEePs

{date}: Nov 5 , 2006
{time}: 9:01 Am

Hey Everybody
Whats up.Im really bored right now.
Well yesterday i got three movie from
blockbuster.2 arnt important.The one i
got was the fast and the furious tokyo
drift.I just got finish watching it.Also
I got a brand new game that just came out.
Need For Speed Carbon.But not just any
nomoral one.I got the Collecters Edition.
It was 70$.I got it for my birthday.It just
so fun.You can make your own custom body
kits and spoilers.It soo awesome.Well i got
to go.I have to do this stupid project thats
due tommorow.I hate projects.There so boring.
So ill see yall later.Oh Yeah thxs for the comments on my site yesterday.Glad u all like my site. ^-^


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Saturday, November 4, 2006

HeY pEePs

{date}: November 4 , 2006
{time}: 9:32 Am

What up
Srry i havent posted in a while but im not aloud on the computer on the week days now.I got bad grades...thats why.Now im posting and watching MTV2.Im bored.Oh yeah u can see that i changed my site again.Hope u guys like it.I had to change it because my friend thought i stole her wallpaper and stuff sooo....yeah.Oh yeah if u cant see the post or read it highlight it like if you were going to copy it.So u can read it.I love my site.Its soooo awesome now.It all matches sooo good.But i still think my freind Blane Hoshi is awesomer.I think it sooo cool even though i did it for her.But its just soo awesome.Oh yeah this one day i was playing football.I think it was wensday.Ok this kid on my team got tackled hard on the ground.He was just laying there.Then another kid was going to get him up.But a different way.He pull his pants down and almost sat on his face.He got up before he sat on him.It was sooooo funny..LOL ^-^.Oh yeah also for the people that need help with there site.I cant do everybody in one day.I will have no time for me ok.But some people ill help today.And then next week i can help the other people i didnt help today..ok.WOW i typed alot.Well i guess ill see yall later

P.S..My site ROCKS!!!!!!! lol


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Monday, October 30, 2006

What up!!

{date}: Oct 30 , 2006
{time}: 3:55

Hey everybody.
Whats up.Im at school right now and im not alowed on the computer on the weekdays cuz of my grades i got.Soooooooo yeah.But i might beable to get on on Halloween.Well happy halloween to you all.Have fun.I know i will ^-^


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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thx for 200 GB signing!!!

{date}: Oct 29 ,2006
{time}: 9:08 Am

Hey EvreyBody!
Thx u guy so much for my 200th guestbook signing.
Im trying get a whole bunch so i can be a MyOtaku
Siener.Also yesterday i saw the movie Nacho Libra.It was soooooo retarded.It was with Jack Black.Then i went to go get a scary mack to scary the !@#$ out of people on Halloween.Its going to be funny.Also we went to Publix and got some food a soda and some Dark chocolate M&M.They
were really good.I thought they tasted like the crisy M&Ms.Then we go into the car and drove home
We had a loud Techno song on and we were dancing all stupid.We went past my friend and we were waving to him and dancing stupid at the same time.He started laughing.I t was funny.Then i rode my bike to his house with my scary mask on. He said i look scary with the mask on with a hoody but with just the mask look retarded.Then i played some football it was fun.I threw every throw perfect.Excepe one.Well gots to go.I have to eat brackfast.And watch spongebob....i mean...
foot...ball....lol j/k Bye ^-^


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