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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holy shit. this is super weird. I decided to check out MyO of exactly 7 days off from a year. strange how that works hm?

Well alot has changed, as expected... The only person I ever really talked to A13 is still on here, which is great. I can always find more new friends.

Well, it turns out since last time I was here. I'm about to be a sophomore, I've joined drumline. a whole bunch of other random things. alot less drama believe it or not.

Anywho my life has become the opitimy of dull, so I'm going to be livening things up by coming on this site more often. Oh and lets not forget the all new crapload of art I have to get put up eventually. And putting up a new theme, updating blah blah blah lmao I'm sure you're not listening.... reading anymore sooooo

I bid thee ado... for now.

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