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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Judgment Day, has arrived.
I have finally made up my mind. The decision is now made. If I had kept my self in check, calm, and still kept my mouth shut to that little bitchin' whore, he'd have to keep her in check, as well as make her quit her nagging. HOWEVER, he kept nothing. Which means one thing, and one thing only. He must be removed form the Covenant Family. I love him, I really really fucking do. It hurts, but I'm not going to be steped all over like I used to, and have this girl run her mouth any longer! Where everyone would get extenstions and extra time. Where everyone decided to go ahead and fuck with me because they can. Honestly, I've noticed I only have a few loyal siblings. They, who when I posted, noticed and talked to me, as well as maybe the other time, I know they are loyal, and deserve thier position here in my heart, as well as the family. I also notice, that there are the semi loyal friends, who only decide to post when I mention something crucial, such as a removal. Listen to me, you all are wonderful friends, and honestly, I've been saying that a little too much now. I cannot take this shit any longer. Hinaru, in a way, I loathe you, and hope that you and you're whore drop dead. And yet in a way, I can't help but feel sympathy for you, as though maybe you tried. I feel like giving you another chance. However, I myself will not choose wiether or not you get this chance. Oh no. Everyone knows that I'd choose the wrong thing. I leave it up to one of my other siblings. I leave it up to him/her. If my sibling posts, and gives me an answer I take that persons answer. If Yes, you get lucky and get a second chance. If that person says no, you're fucked. You better fucking pray. <3
Why am I doing this?
Why not just say the answer?
Why make it almost like a game?
Because I can. And I'm pissed. And I don't want a wrong move, so my sibling chooses.
I will choosen randomly though.
Then I'd be happy.

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