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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I might have to let go of a sibling of mine.
It saddens me, yes.
However, the our relationship as friends, as well as siblings, had lied between our compassion for one another.
As friend, as siblings, as buddies, how ever you say it.
All I know is, he or she lacks compassion, respect, and most of all, love for his or her sister.
To me, it doesn't anger me, nor does it upset me.
It just, plain and simple. it disturbs me.
I feel as though he or she doesn't care.
Like I don't exist.
As though I weren't important enough for him or her to fucking realize I need his or her hand, to fucking help me.
Protect me.
And to tell a certain someone to shut the fuck up.
I am a very kind person at times.
Thus all my friends.
However, this one person doesn't see it.
THAT angers me.
And he or she just sits there, like a retarded monkey on tranqulizers, and doesn't do shit about it.
Like the little whore is just going to wuite her bitching to me eventually.
Which, is highly unlikely.
I am, as I said, not angry, upset.
Just disterbed.
I feel useless.
Like letting him or her go, may or may not be for the better.
Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't.
I am just confussed at most.
It hurts.
I love my sibling.
Yet, does my sibling love me back?

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