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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today rocked! I got a part in the spring concert. (duh) Obviously. ;D But seriously, I got a solo, I have to sing some song by myself. NUUUUUUU!!!! D8 I was happier just singing and dancing like the Rockets. Now, I have to stand up at a mic and sing... By myself. I hope I get larengitise that day. xDDDD Anyways, so that's one thing. I started to talk to some old friends again, seems to me that they missed me. Yey! :D I did miss them also. Oh, and I have a wife. Two to be exact. xDDDD Tabitha, and Hien. :D So sweet. Anyways, my lifes been SO boring, I have nothing to say! 8D Okay, I better go. :0 I LOVE YOU. God, why can't you accept it?!?!?! ;____; Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Okay bye. <3
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pics of me through the time I was gone. <3
It's in order from newest to old.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

This is what I look like today.
Yes, I've changed.
No, I don't think I look better.
And yes, they were shot in the fucking bathroom.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here's my wife, Tabitha. <3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yep, those first two were me...I look bad huh?
And the last one's my wife, she, happens to be beautiful. <333

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

All right, here’s what’s up.
Look, I am obviously a bit more obsessed with GaiaOnline then I am with MyOtaku. I’m sorry, but it was bound to happen. I have had a great time on Otaku, I mean, I met shit loads of cool people, some were awesome, some were immature pricks. But I suppose that’s life, right? I’ll admit however, Gaia can also get on my nerves with the glitches and some of the pathetic people playing on the site. But as I said earlier, that’s life. I have had so much fun on Otaku though. Tons, and tons. I’ve met people like Hinaru, Purgatory, Vicious2, Malkav, Terra Zero, Shippodude123, you know, so many people. I admire the love you’ve given me, and all the support threw these about two years that I’ve been here. The reason why I’m posting today on Otaku, this retarded little letter, is because I am feeling…well, depressed. And I don’t want to take it out on my friends on Gaia, so I’m taking it out on my website. Amazing, isn’t it? I would tell you what’s making me so upset, but, of course, the jerk off who made my day, or month, go real fucking messed up is here, and there’s about a 32% that he’s going to read this. I mean, you never know, he just might. Anyways, I love you all very much still. Feel free to e-mail me, I’m always open, and now that I have a cell, feel free to call it. You can private message me if you want the number, I can get always get a friend to see if someone private messaged me. It’d be easier on my little social life. Yes…I hang out with Josh, Jason, Alicia, Sierra, Jay, Tammy, Mario <3, and all the others way too much. They’re all in different grades and what not, but hey, I love them all, especially Mario, he’s my brother I just love him. <33 He’s…well never mind, the whole world doesn’t need to know his information. I’ve grown up so much, and lost mad weight, which is good, because now everyone wants to go out with me, but in a way, that’s…bad, because I don’t want another boyfriend. I couldn’t bear to be with someone else right now, it’d hurt too much. However, I am now officially “married” to Gabriel. Its kind of funny, our baby is my pencil eraser…whom we’ve named Bob. Anyways, before I continue to rant on about meaningless nonsense, I bid you a farewell my loves, I’ll return, but, I’m not making any promises.

Love always,
Sindalla Akabane

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

About my friends...
Well, I have some new friends from my high school, Monsignor Scanlan, you know, now that I have more friends, and work and shit, I have to deprive myself of you guys. I'm sorry. ;-; Not like anyone remembers me anyways though. XD

Well, back to my post about my friends, you see, I was raped by some little fucker named Stephen, who was my "friend" before all this happened, and what do you know, after getting all pissy with me and shit, he threatens to come get me at school, because he supposedly knows where it is...
Well, I was of course, "pissing my pants" scared, I didn't know what to do, so, I called one of my friends, Daniel, who's a Sophomore, he told me not to worry, the next day at school, I told David, my other best friend, who's friends with Daniel as well.
After that, they decided to jump him when they saw him after school, they got their friends to join, and before you know it, there was gonna be a fight.
After school, I was about to crack, every car looked like Stephen's, and at one point, I could have SWORN I saw him! I was so scared I was crying in my friend Spencer’s arms, it was a little embarrassing, but God shitting damnit, I was scared of dieing, or getting hurt!
But, as you would guess, my friends Daniel and David decided to walk me home, in fact, another Daniel, and another guy, (I forgot his name, but he’s the coolest guy you’ll ever meet) walked with us, I felt a little loved at that point, because to be honest, I only know Daniel and David through Daren, or as he calls himself, Jay. And well, I’ve really only talked to them before this event…maybe twice. But to think…they’re such good people…they’d protect a girl they barley know…
Stephen never showed up, and I wouldn’t of cared if he did or didn’t, because that day…two days ago…my friends showed me the best time of my life, they turned my day of panic into my day of laughter, I wouldn’t of cared if I was mutilated by Stephen afterwards, just hanging out with my friends, was enough to show me that God damn I’m lucky. I even caught up with Jay, he walked me the rest of the way home.
I did something stupid though yesterday, David hurt my ankle, and Daniel accidentally got glass in the other, and Jay hit my nose, and cut my arm twice, and…well, I was just “beat up” yesterday. ^__^ But…thing was, I got REAL pissed about it, and I wouldn’t talk to anyone, and gave them dirty looks, and…I did promise to cut them if they touched me…I shouldn’t have, especially to David, when that morning, he smiled and told me cheerfully to put a smile on…I guess they really did care…DID. ;-;
But, maybe one day, I’ll gain their love back, until then I’m pretty much kind of depressed about it, because they were my best friends. But this is a shout out to you guys, something I should have actually said instead of “go fuck yourselves!”

Daniel, David, Shelly, Daniel, Daren, I’m sorry, for everything that happened yesterday, and the day before that, I shouldn’t have yelled, and I defiantly shouldn’t have gone bitch…although it’s fun in certain occasions- coughliketehinternetscough- But, I really am sorry, your like my brothers and sister. And…thank you, for protecting this little bitch, although, maybe I did deserve those beatings and rapes, like…punishment for these past two days. So don’t kill Stephen for the rapes and beatings and fights and a few stabs here and there, think of them as payback for being so cruel to you, it’s the least I can endure for you.
I love you guys…

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

About my lovely boyfriend
My new boyfriend is GTHaloPlayer, you might know him, here's here on Otaku. x3
We met one year ago, before we met, he told me he was a cold hearted guy, who didn't care about anyone, and that after he met me, he grew soft and started caring.
God that made me cry when he told me this.
When we met, I was as usual, very happy and very kind, and gave my love out like lotto tickets! D:
But he accepted it, he became my Otaku brother for a while after that with his best friend Leslie, we were a VERY happy family.
^-^ He supported everything I did, he protected me when someone tried to hurt me, he did everything for me and more.
When we met, we had a close relationship, we sent pm's to each other like no tomorrow! xD
We used to go to people's sites and chat in thier chat box and scare everyone else who was in there away.
When Dawn came, he helped me with everything, I remember...one night, I was in my room, me and him and Leslie were on the phone, and that fucker was in my house, down the stairs, and Fernando comforted me, he used to talk to shit to everyone who bothered me with Vicious2, they were kinda like a tag-team. ^_^;;;
I also remember, we used to go onto pogo and become psychotic people and scare the shit out of people on chat rooms, that, or play games with each other.
Life was so reventaly simple then.
That's all we did, was go nuts and have a blast, on aim, msn, pogo...just about everywhere!
I love his smile, his adorable face...his body...-drools- I love his hair ((OH GOD THE HAIR!!!!!), I love his laugh so much, I love the way he talks, the way he moves, the way he blinks, fuck, he even has a phrase that when he says it, I burst out laughing like a psycho woman! ^_^;;;
He has this...personality that you just HAVE to love.
His eyes are like a deep chocoltae, you could just melt right in them...
and that smile...you could just die when you see it.
Everything he does...I just love...
And now, On August 18, 2005, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
And I can honestly say, it felt nice, the guy I've had a crush on for...a whole year and a bit longer, the guy I've always wanted to have as a boyfriend, evem just ONCE, actually asked me out.
It gives you a nice, loved feeling inside, like..."Oh my God, it's actually happening!!!" Like a goddamn Disney princess movie! xD
It makes you wanna...iono...smile! :DDDD
So, just letting you know some info on my GTHaloPlayer, that, and he's MINE, you goddamn fangirls on his site better realize, he's mine now! MINE!!! ^_^
I love you GTHaloPlayer, now, and forever always.
Never, ever, EVER forget that.

The pic is almost done!

I love you all, especially Gt.
Bye^ ^

-Mrs. Sindalla Pena!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm in bad temper mode, so everyone shut the fuck up and listen closely! D:


Status report update on Sindalla:

I am having MAJOR relationship issues, I broke up with my current boyfriend, well...he broke up with me, he says it's "for the best". The little fucker.
After that I haven't been online much, I DID however get a new boyfriend, woopde-do. Now I'm pretty much having a heart attack over here cuz he hasn't been on for about...4-5 days now, he never calls, and theres a HUGE possibility that he's cheating on me...already. Or, at least thats what my friends on Gaia are telling me...I am beggining to freak out on how my relationship is turning out so far.

ALSO! Dawn is back, for you who remember the horrifiyng Dawn incident that happened before ealier in the year...well, the fuckers back, and guess what, Carrie's still in with him. What a damn good surprise. BUT, he claims to have turned a new leaf...BULL-SHIT!

He hacked into my Gaian and msn accounts and started fucking with my friends, basically two of my friends and my boyfriend.
I honestly, and I'm being honest here, I don't care what Shippodude123 thinks of me, he REALLY thinks Dawn is me, and that I'm doing all this bad shit, but, I don't care about his opinion, it's not important to me, only Ciara and Fernando's opinion care to me.

I will be honest though, Dawn DID help me earlier before, Kamiya and Inu can tell you themselves. But I don't like what he's doing with Ciara.

I start school next week, I haven't even STARTED my bookreport, but I did read the books, so I'm sure I'll get the report done this week, no problem.

I am a gaian whore, I love the place, AND, my avi kicks your avi's ass! She's totally hardcore and rich and blah blah blah.

I have been magically raped and had weird sexual acts performed on me by Le Riggeh. Riggeh, you suck. xD

Teikiatsu is bringing his video game to life, Teiki, you little gasy bitchcake I love ya, now hurry your ass back.

I got to talk to Yuliamon for the first time on the phone, she has THE cutest country voice you'll ever hear, I love ya sis.

My msn and pm's are being filled by the second, I'm now popluar. :B

My aim doesn't work, stop trying to IM me on aim, let me fix it first.

To Hinaru, the pic got deleted, and now my ass is gotta do it all over again. Sorry. D:


I love you all...
Now start filling it up bitches! D:

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Sorry! xD
Well, I made another picture, I don't know if you guys wanna see it, lemme know if you guys do, I was a bit busy today, and the other days, I'm going on a lil vacation, for about 4 days, it's with my aunt, uncle, my lil sis, and our cousin Catherine, who adores me too much! xDDDD Anyways, I don't know what to say besides sorry for not being here, I'll take pics with my uncles webcam so you guys can see me today! ^-^ Anyways...ummm...Well, I'll just be on my way, I love you all, ad I hope to see you all soon! BYE! =3
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Friday, August 5, 2005

=( Sick
Yea, allergies got the best of my ass! D: So I'll post my Gaian Conversation of the day, and I'll be back tomorrow! Maybe I'll feel better then! I LOVE YOU ALL! Oh, and here's my Gaian Work I promised to show Hinaru.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I love you all! BYE! ^-^

Today’s Gaia Conversation!

Diamond Lie: What’s wrong?

Sindalla Akabane: I’ve been horny for the past few days, I can’t make it stop!

Diamond Lie: When that happens, I think of the opposite sex naked, it always makes me back to normal.

Sindalla Akabane: Okay I’ll try it.

~*~*Fifteen minutes later*~*~

Diamond Lie: So, how your felling now?

Sindalla Akabane: WORSE!!!!

Diamond Lie: WHAT!? Why…? I thought you were gonna think of the opposite sex naked!

Sindalla Akabane: I did…

Diamond Lie: Then…

Sindalla Akabane: I forgot I was bi…

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Only Gaian's now what that lil emoction icon is...anyways, I know I'm posting late and yea yea yea...shut up already! D: Well, on Gaia, I of course, have two men who I trust with my life! =3 I can eat with them, drink with them, and even change in front of them...oh don't worry big brothers and sisters, they're gay, so seeing me change is like...nothing to them! xD They are Teikitsu and xjadedxfaggotx. We have our own little organization you know, I forgets the name though...oh well! xD! Anyways...ummm...I don't know what to say, oh well, ta-ta! Meet teh Sinny on msn if you wanna! =3

Today's Gaia Conversation

Sindalla Akabane: You like poetry, right honey?

gummi_rush: Yea, it's okay depends on the author though...

Sindalla Akabane: Like...Edgar Allen Poe?

gummi_rush: Hell no! You know, Poe was like, "My love is dead, I'm sad. HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT!? Oh, it's just a bird. Shut up bird you make me sad. ;-;"

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