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Monday, January 1, 2007

WOOOOOHOOO!! FIRST POST OF '07!!! Good luck to you guys and your ocs!!! *ish dork* I'mma having fun...under age but I got a glass of wine!!! NO SLEEP FOR ME TO NIGHT!!! Best of luck to you awesome guys and you cool and individual ocs!! THEY ROCK!!!
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

   FMA Fangirl/Fanboy Application
SO yea...starting a story on here and I need fangirls/boys for the pairings! Fill this out and PM me! Name: State Name: (If any) Rank:(if any) Job/Goal: Gender: Race: Nationality: Age: Height: Weight: Eye Color: Hair Color: Identifying Marks: Clothing: (Just an example or two...because if your's is like mine, she changes clothed alot) Weapon of Choice: (any one or all of them, doesn't matter to me) Special Skills: (alchemy or some talent that would help in a dire situation) Other Equipment: (pocketwatch, maybe a something very close to the character) Family: (it is OKAY if they don't know...because my character, you don't know her's till later...so it's FINE if they DON'T KNOW) Background: (ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want in...ANYTHING/EVERYTHING!) Favorite Food(s): Favorite Color(s): Hobbies: Personality: (THIS IS A MAJOR THING I NEED TO KNOW!! GO INTO DEPTH PLEASE!!! It'll make writing EASIER!!!) Anything else you want to add is fine, so just go ahead and let your imaginations run WILD!! The creator of the character WILL get credit for it, I'm just using them. When you PM me, tell me what fangirl you are. Everyone is open except for the following characters: Edward Elric Alphonse Elric Roy Mustang Scar I want fangirls for EVERYONE!! Military men, random boys, homunculus! Just not Maes Hughes, because I like the fact of him and Gracia...and Elysia...so no Hughes fangirls. But EVERYONE else! Spred the word to friends on MyO!!! Just make sure to tell them who they can't have...no fangirl fights...then I'll have to kill someone. FAN BOYS WELCOME!!!!!! I mean we've got girls that need pairs tooooooo!!! Follows the same thing above!! Lots of avalible girls too!!! Thanks dear fellow FMA fans, ~SinAlchemist
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

I'm looking for any FMA fangirl, except for the following characters:
Roy Mustang
Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric
Any other's welcome, I'm starting a story and need girl to be paired with our FAV FMA guys!! PM me and I'll tell you what to do!

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