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Friday, July 30, 2004

   And We've Never Been so Alone
My mom's finally here...
The atmosphere is a bit less tense, but somehow... lonelier.
I'm not sure.
I don't think I'll ever be certain about anything with these family problems of mine. ._.;

I went through my stash of old birthday cards, notes and letters that were given to me. I am da keeper of da past. *cheer* I noticed that my biological family has been trying to tell me all a long that they were my real family... that I was adopted. *twitch twitch twiiiiitch* My mom, I figured who signed everyone's titles and names for them, was desperately trying to reach out to me. I pondered why she always signed "Mama" and "papa" ... and I tink I asked my adopted mom about it. But I'm not sure about that part of my memory either... My brain tends to "make up" memories and mix them with my dreams...

So as all comes to an end, I can't trust my own memory anymore ._.;
Even my own mother's confused about the stuff I ramble about from the past. That never took place. That never existed... This and that, oh gee, can this be some awesome illness? Maybe I'll lose my true identity true this and become a dramatic character of "I don't know who I am.. ;___; PLEASE HELP ME! *SOB*"
Always possible.
... But how could you trust others, if you can't even trust yourself? *sweatdrop* Welcome to my philosphical show of schizo-sim. o_O... Or maybe not? XD

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Awesome... o_o;
Now how the hell do you add your pictures on here? XD

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