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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Weekends are my Haven...

Today I went manga shopping. YAY! I was fun, I did a whole bunch of reading, and I got three new books to add to my ever growing collection. Let's see... my friend, Saira, came along, and she was nice enough to buy me a book. Well, ok, she didn't exactly buy me a book. There was a sale "3 books for the price of 2" and she was getting two, so I just got the other one. She's so nice to "buy" it for me. The clerks at the desk scare me. o_0'' Not that their scary looking or old or creepy, it's just I'm paranoid about stuff like talking to people I don't know. ::shrug:: Anyway, she got me Fruit Baskets Volume 8!!!! Yes! It has Hatsuharu-san on the cover! YAAAY! I've already read it, and it's sad about him. My poor Haru-san...Ease his pain Yuki!!!! Haha...

Anyway I also got Yami no Matsuei Volume 4!!!!! Yes! I've only read half so far, but oooo ::hugs book:: I love Hisoka! Hisoka has such pretty eyes and they're green! My favorite eye color! I wish I had peircing green eyes like him. -_- But my eyes are only brown with a speckle of green. O well, at least I got some green! Green eyes rock! Like Green Day! ::laugh::

O I almost forgot, I also got Wallflower Volume 3!!! Anyone heard of it? It's really good and funny as hell. The art is awesome, four of the hottest bishies I've seen. Kyohei is the guy in my little icon over yonder ^^^^ up there. But I like little Yuki! He looks so cute dressed as a girl. (so does Yuki from Fru-ba) ::snicker:: But still, Kyohei, he's the heart-throb in the story. I tried finding pics of him and the crew, but I kept getting hentai and porno crap!!! Uggg... o well. No pics for you people then. ::sigh::

O yeah, I also got to read DN ANGEL VOLUME 7!!!! (though I didn'tt buy it, my friend did) It had Satoshi on the cover! YAY! Hehe... Satoshi is my favorite. He's so funny when he was pretending to be Dark for the play. And that wig he wore...xDDDD It made me crack up in the bookstore then people gave me weird looks. Haha...he looked just like Dark. Cept he had glasses. xDDD O yeah...love going on those bookstore outings of mine. ^-^

On a different note, alot of people that sign my Guestbook say they like my background. Well, if you like it so much, it's in my wallpaper section! Enjoy it all you like. Well, that's kinda it for today. better get started on my homework. Don't want to be falling behind...again...

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