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Sunday, April 3, 2005

500 hits?!

Wow... 5o0 visitors. Thanks a bunch guys! Though it's really not that much. On my xanga I have like 4,oo0 hits. ::sweatdrop:: But anywho, decided to draw everyone a hit sign. YAY! It's Duo from Gundam Wing! He's my second favorite character. Heero is of course my favorite, then Duo, then Trowa, then Wufei, then Quatre. Eh... for some reason, Quatre bugs me. ::shrugs:: O yeah, and if you guys wanna see the original lineart of the hit sign, check out my fanart section. It should be in there. ::coughcommentpleasecough::

Right now, I'm watching Green Day on StoryTellers on VH1. Yay! I've been addicted to their music as of late. Favorite song is The Death of St. Jimmy. Favorite band member is of course, MIKE DIRNT!!! The bass player. ::snicker:: Dunno why, I always like the bass player of bands. Phoenix from LP. Mark Stoermer from The Killers. And Mark Wilson from the Jets. Hmmm... alot of bass players are named Mark. I think Blink182's bass player is named Mark...but I wouldn't know cause I'm in love with their drummer. ^_^

Of course, I still love Green Day's hit off album, Dookie. GREAT ALBUM. Man...that album seriously influenced alot of high school bands back then. (back then being only like two or three years) But anyway, just wanna shout out to you guys, Billie Joe, Mike, and of course Tre Cool, KEEP THE NOISE COMM'IN!!!

And that's all for today folks...

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