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Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter!

Wow...been a long time since I've updated. But it's Easter so I've come to say Happy Easter!!! Even though I didn't really do anything to celebrate it. Just some egg hunting. Didn't go to chruch though cause my dad doesn't go to chruch. When my mom used to live in the same state, she'd bring me to chruch and we'd sing and all that crap. But all I got was a phone call this time which is alright I guess. Went to my favorite breakfast place though. It's called the Beach Hut and if you live in the Redondo area, you should check it out! I get the same thing everytime and we go there alot, so the lady that always serves us memorized my order. IT's pretty cool, because she'll say "The C plate?" And I'll go "Yes please." "With extra teriyaki sauce?" "Yes please." "And a root beer right?" "You know me all too well Sally." xDDD Ok, her name's not Sally, I actually don't know her name, but isn't that cool sounding??? I'm a regular. ^___^

Being a regular is fun damnit I don't care that it's only because I get the same damn thing everytime I a regular you hear?!?!?

On another note, I posted up some new fanart. Check it out if you get the chance. Uggg...but don't look at the Sad Kisa one cause it's ugly!!! Take a look at Angel or Devil? because it has ORORON!!! YAY!!! King of Devils in da house!!! O yes, love that manga. The Demon Ororon. Love it to death. I've written countless fanfics about him and Chaiki (and also some original characters of mine like Dehja and Duke) HE'S DA LUV OF MEH LIFE. Haha...naw I'm kidding. I've only written one fanfic about him. x_x O well, it sucks that there's no section for The Demon Ororon. But it's ok. I forgive those up at the top.

Ok people...DEATH NOTE. I've learned the love of Death Note. Possibly one of the BEST mangas I've read. Too bad not selling here in the US, but it's been translated online. Which I'm extremely grateful for. DEATH NOTE PEOPLE! It's so cool. I might draw L and Light fanart next! L is so cool. I love him to death! I find myself picking up some of his mannerisms. o_0'' For all those who've read Death Note, I hold my cell phone like he does now. xD HAHA!!! It's funny, my friend who also reads it says I'm such a dork for doing so, but I can't help it!!! I love him!!! *hugs L* Omg! But I know what happens in ch. 59!!!! NUUUUUUUUU!!!! It's not fair...but I won't say anything else cause that would be spoiling the first 58 chapters for all those who want to read Death Note. AND YOU DO WANT TO READ IT EH?!?!?

Click to go straight to reading! [Link]
Click for main page! [Link]

Alright! You know you wanna read it! Cause it's super duper good! Also, I added new music. Can eveyone hear it?

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