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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

YAY! New Member! *party*

[x] I would just like to say...Welcome To Destiny Akane!

[x] Hohoho...New member for mine and dark angel 103's JoeyxKaiba Fanclub! Wo0o0o0o0oT! *excited excited*

[x] *goes into advertising mode* If you enjoy JoeyxKaiba fanfics, fanart, doujinshi, or even just the pairing alone, then this is the club for you! Contact myself or dark angel103 [Link] if your interested in joining! I'm also trying to make more banners so in case you don't like the current pink one, then I'm thinking about making a black, blue, and green one too! But if you have a speicial perferance, I'd be happy to make one to your likeing! Thanks a bunch! ^_^

[x] On a more personal note, I had a near death experiance. o_0 But I manage to pull through. You see...I had this History project due yesterday *hears readers groan* What?! I have an uptight father person! Anywho...I ended up skipping yesterday to do the project (which I didn't even start till 5:00 that day...) and it took me about a good 7 hours for me to finish. Hell...I hope I get a good grade. If I don't I'm gonng cry. Errr...maybe not cry but I'll be mad and sad and did I mention MAD?!?!?

Ok...I have a funny pic to show you all...*snicker*


[x] O man...I don't remember where the hell I got that pic from. I was just browsing through some files on my computer when I found this. xDDDDD Geez...Draco sure has some problems doesn't he? And what's with that carefully placed carrot???? xDDDDD O man...Draco! You know you love him! And his carrot! Hehehehe!!!!

[x] That's about it for today. I gotz pie in the frigde. And Imma gonna eat it. ^_^

Loves pie till death due us part

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