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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

School sucks!

[x] I'm at my school library right now. It's retarded because the computers have major firewall block thingys and it gets annoying because almost every site I go too is nonacessable. [[rejected]] Stupid library people! They think they're so smart...

[x] Yeah...since I'm not at my home computer I don't have any pictures to put up for you guys! Sorry. All my cool icons are in my own hard drive at home. *giggles* My lab partner laughs whenever you say hard drive. Don't ask me why though. He's such a banj. (pervert in Al Bhed) [[*ish a FF freak*]]

[x] Nothing to do. I should go home. But I have to pick up my sister from the YMCA. *does the YMCA dance* Good thing it's not raining. It was raining like elephants and giraffes last night. Seriously! And when the thunder went off, my walls shook. Didn't get any sleep till like 3:00 am. Ok...so maybe that's only because I was reading a Gravitation fanfic...but it was good and I wanted to finish it!!! (ended up not finishing it anyway)

[[.So whatever.]]

[x] I wish I could at least go on my graphic sites. So then maybe I could learn HTML skillz while waiting for 6th period to end. See? I just want to learn library people!!!!

[x] Speaking of HTML...I'm thinking about changing my layout again. Wonder what it should be??? Getting bored of Kingdom Hearts. [[*gasp*]] I've been into Gravitation. And also Fullmetal Alchemist. But I've always wanted to do Inuyasha. I mean Sesshomaru. Yeah...I think I'll do Sesshomaru. But if not...heh...if you guys have any suggestions that'd be nice. (maybe DN Angel) So feel free to comment. Thanks.

Edit: When I do get home, I might post some original art up. A few chibi doodles with Spanish quotes. [Aye Doctora! Me Durle!] *laugh* And then this other freaky thing I did in class with Hisoka eyes. Weeeee!!! Hisoka I WUUUUUUUUUUVVVV YYOOOOOOOOUUUU. Hehehe...

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