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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Oye...I didn't die

Kira from Mars [x]Hello hello. Haven't updated in a while, sorry about that. There's a bunch to talk about though! But it would bore you all to death, so maybe I should summarize.

This weekend was a three day weekend, so I went to San Diego, visited family, ate together, played some Texas Hold'em (won ten bucks boo yah!) and fought with my mommy!

[x]Rather than the whole fight with my mother and being deprived from the internet for two and a half days, my weekend was swell. I got the new Green Day Album American Idiot. *happy happy* Annnnnnnd I got some manga too! Yesssss...I FINALLY got Furuba Vol. 7!!! Finally...and I also got this other series called Hana-Kimi. When I read the back, it sounded alot like Kill Me Kiss Me. (And maybe a little but of X-day) But I realized it's different and unique in it's own way. I also like the art. Bishies galore! (sides Mizuki, the girl dressing as a boy) Amazing how a haircut can make you go from a girl to a cute looking boy. ^_^

[x]Ok, how about some pics?

[x]Isn't Fanart just grand?
O man...Anti-Sora's at it again.

[x]Sesshomaru-sama and Rin-chan!
I thought this was a cute pic of Sesshy-sama and Rin. SNOW!!!

[x]Kenshin and Tomoe doujinshi! Awww...
Pretty Pretty! I know that Kenshin has Red hair, but I hate how it always looks more orange that red in alot of pics. (and yes, I know that the term "redhead" means you have orangish colored hair, but still!)

[x]Thief Bakura and Young Marik
I saw this doujinshi and I insantly wanted to buy it. But alas, father person doesn't allow online purchases so darn. Isn't it adorable? *giggle* Wish it was bigger though.

[x] Alright, that's it for now. I wanted to put up a Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi, but they were all a bit dirty. *shifty eyes* I've been into Ed and Al lately. Especially last Saturdays esp. Poor Al got broken! And Ed o Ed o Ed...your armless again...like Sesshomaru-sama!!! Wow! It's a connection between two animes...neeeeaaaatt. *walks away*

[x]FYI- Three new fanarts up. My first Yu-gi-oh art, first FMA art, and some GW boy chibis. Hohoho...I'll put up my originals maybe later.

Raining Elephants and Giraffes like the chickens!" -Grandma Polly

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