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Monday, January 10, 2005

Jobs, College, and Tarot Cards

[x] I once thought that if you apply yourself enough, you'll be able to achieve what you want done. Hmmmm...yeah, I once thought that, but not anymore. I HATE ESSAYS. As much as I hate writing them...thinking them up, and spell checking them *shudder* I absolutely hate it when you end up NOT doing it, and facing the stupid teacher. (getting yelled at in class...not fun) And what makes it worst is that she started yelling at me right after I fell asleep. Hey...it's not my fault she puts up practically the most BORING movie ever...and she expects me to watch it??? Well, I'll tell ya, I tried. but my short attention span caused me to think about that new manga book I got and how I needed to finish my chem homework before fifth period then I just errr...went to a land where there wasn't school (my dreams if you will) Hmmmm...I'm not crazy...don't hide behind the sofa kitty! *awkward silence*

[x] Anywho...have I mentioned how much I hate essays??? And I can't believe I want to major in Literature. Damn...if I go to college, I'll be writing like twenty pages every freaking day. I don't think I'll survive....maybe I'll just become a surf bum. Errr..except that wouldn't work since I don't know how to surf. So I guess I'd just be a bum. Maybe I could work at a Jack-in-the-box like my mom did and double my income with the racetrack and the tables. Haha...that's practically what my mom did. She can teach me all her card tricks and gambling math. Hehehe...it'd be like a movie...except life isn't a movie and I could end up losing everything I've got. O well, at least if I do go homeless with no food or money, then I'd lose weight. Errr...just trying to be optomistic. Heh...I guess it'd just be more simple if I just choose a different profession rather than a writer. (my writing sucks monkey balls anyways) Maybe I'll become a...a...errr...*sigh* I don't know what I want to be, and my dad was all ragging on me today about what I'm gonna do with my life. He probably can't wait till I turn eighteen and he can throw me out. Or at least send me to a college. -_- Or a mental institute. O wait...he doesn't have to wait till I'm eighteen to send me to a nut house. As long as I show probable cause, then I'm good to go! Lalala...

[x] Haha...I'm sorry people. My dad just gets on my nerves about my future sometimes. It's my damn future!!! Let me worry about it!!! Haha...ok...let's change subjects. Ummmm...ok, I don't feel like ranting. Some pics then!

[x]Cloud!!! *mega-glomp*
This is a pic of Cloud from a doujinshi. Argh...forgot where exactly I got it from, it was just buried in that file of...errr...nice pictures from alot of different doujishi's. *giggle* Awww...doesn't Cloud look uuber cute in his little shorts??? Hehehe...*glomps*

[x]Spike and Vicous
Found this pic on someone's xanga. I love it cause Spike and Vicious are my all time favs. Haha...DON'T SMOKE KIDDIES!!!

[x]Kamui and Kotori
This is a tarot card from X/1999. I actually do remember where I got this pic, and there are a bunch more tarot cards like this one for the strength, hermit, wheel of time, hanged man (weeee! Fuma features on that one!), death, temperance, devil, and some other cards which names I've forgotten.
Here's the link for those who like this kind of stuff [Link] Just click on "The Tarot" for the rest of the images. O yeah, and if your a big fan for X, then I suggest you go to that link. It has a bunch of info and pics and stuff about X. Even a movie review for X that made me laugh.

[x] Also, check out their homepage. Kouri and Karasu are AWESOME writers. I envy them. Hehe. Read some of their fics! For fanfics they got Tokyo Babylon/X, Yami no Matsuei *squeal*, Weiss Kreuz, Fushigi Yugi, Card Captor Sakura, Fruit Baskets, Gundam Wing *more squeals*, and Harry Potter. They also write some awesome originals too! My favorite story of theirs is Borderline. That thing is like a freakin' book! it's like 250 pages or something...but it's a good read! O gosh...I gave you guys so many things to check out...should organize them...

[x] Kouri and Karasu's Homepage- [Fatalistic.net]

[x] Writings- [Kouri and Karasu's Fanfictions]

[x] X/1999 fansite [Xistentialism]

[x] Hmmmm...wasn't that educational? You don't have to check out those sites. I'm just bored and errrr...bored. So I put up links to random places lalala...stop the boredom...

[x] I think I write too much. Haha..if you think this is alot, you should see my xanga. It's like I live on that stupid thing. *laugh* This is your fourtune cookie signing out...

FYI- One new fanart. Errr...it's just a quick sketch of Sesshomaru sitting in a field with a flower crown on his head. A gift from Rin. *laugh* Also a new wallpaper. Not that other one that got deleted, but a new one of yes...Sesshomaru and Rin. Found this awesome pic from a doujinshi where they are staring up at the moon. Haha...that would be my fifth Sesshomaru wallpaper to date. Dood....someone's got a mega crush! *glomps Sesshy*

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