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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Improper Formatting????

This is a kool icon! *laugh* I'm not exactly sure why, but one of my wallpapers got deleted. One of my good ones too!!! It was my favorite Kingdom Hearts 2 wallpaper that I made. -_- The reason was Improper Formatting. What the heck is that???? *confused* Does anyone know??? The only thing I did differently was I used alot more layers...and I forgot to put my name on it. @_@ Is that what it means? I got to put my name on it??? I don't want to resubmit it in case that wasn't it and then I get in even more crap for resubmiting a wallpaper with improper formatting. Gosh, I don't even know what that is!!!! *fustrated* Anyway...if anyone has had this problem, and knows how to fix it, please tell me. Cause I don't want to get banned from myO. That would suck. -_- And I went to look at their Terms of Service, but it was like a blank page so that didn't really help. Darn you improper formatting...whatever you are!!!!

Anywho, been working on a Riku fanart. Yay! *huggles Riku* Hehehe...but I still need to finish inking it. I'm trying out a different style. (kinda not really) I usually thicken out my lines ALOT, but with this pic, I'm trying for thinner lines, sorta a more scratchy look. Saw his pose in the KH Manga. Hehe...I've only the first Volume downloaded though. (that's all they had...@_@) But it's pretty cool. RIKU IS SOOO NEATO HEHEHEHE....*Riku addict* I wish I could color...and add backgrounds. But I can't draw backgrounds for the life of me, and I usually mess the pic up more if I color it. -_- Errr...o well. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Today was Manga Trade Day. Where me and my friend switch manga books around so that we all don't go buying the same book and wasting money. I traded my friend Jaymie Eerie Queerie vol.1-4 for Snow Drop vol. 1-3. And then I gave Demon Diary Vol.3 to my friend Mikey, and she gave me back my Diablo manga which I gave to another friend of mine, Chrissy. Then Si Si gave me her DN Angel Vol. 3-5. OMG! My poor Satoshi!!!! *crys a river* Argh...SATOSHI!!!! *also a Satoshi addict* Hehehe...I've read them already and I can't stop picking the books up and rereading them. -_-'' I'm such a dork. Hehe...grrr...I can't wait for my friend to let me borrow Juvenille Orion. (sp???) I've read the first volume, but she has up to five! Argh...someone else is borrowing them though and I have to wait. *censored cussing* I can't wait to learn more about the mysterious Kaname!!! Hehehe...he reminds me of Dark. WINGS ARE KOOL. I wish I could draw such pretty wings. My wings look like....errrr...ugly sticks. o_0'' I can't draw feathers either...I learned that a while ago. DARN YOU FEATHERS!!!! *goes on rambling*

Errr...well, I got an English project to do. Stupid school. How I loathe thee!!!! Alright, don't forget, if you know how to help me with my wallpaper problem, then please tell. I'll be..errr...very thankful. ^____^ Tootles!

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