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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Busy week
Hey there fellow Otaku's.

Wow 2 comments ^^
Not a huge amount but that's just cause I'm probably on nobody's friendslist anymore ^^
Time to work on that.

My week:

The weekend was great, me and Lyt went to play pool with a friend.
And after that we went for a drink in our favorite bar.
After a great night (although Lyt got sick from the alcohol) we had a relaxing sunday.

At work things are kinda hectic.
I've been working overtime every day, except for monday..
And tomorrow I'll be working some extra hours aswell.

Ohwell it's all for the hotelbill for the next AnimeCon ^^
Me and Lyt booked the room were in throughout the weekend for an extra night before the Con.
So we can relax a little and help out the people from the Con.
I'm seriously looking forward to it now, it's gonna be great.

This saturday we'l have a party at an irish pub.
A co-worker of mine is leaving, well he was then he found a new function in out company ^^
But he still is throwing a farewellparty because he's not gonna be working with us anymore ^^
So that should be good.

See you all next week.

Have a nice day!!!

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