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Thursday, February 7, 2008

   Reconsiddering a return...

Now I know not many people will read this and that is my own fault for not staying in touch with all of you.

But for those that do read this..
Yes I am thinking of returning to a weekly blog.
But dont expect the old happy-go-lucky Silvereagle, cause I have changed somewhat.

I may have finally started to grow up.
So my posts will be more grown up aswell.
They can be a little darker and more cynical, about life and whatever I run into during a week of my life.

I hope that I will get back some of the friends I made on here a long while back.
And I am sure that Lydia will be more than happy to see me back on here ^^ (that's not the reason for my return though, hehe)

I just feel like I need to vent some more again.
I'm back to keeping it all inside like I used to do years ago.

I'll also start leaving comments on your posts again.
I did read some of your posts, but then I didn't feel like leaving a comment..dunno why.

I hope many of you will welcome me back into the world of theOtaku ^^

That's all from me today
Have a nice day ^^

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

   Alive and kicking

Hey all.
It's been awhile...not counting the post my sweetie made while I was gone..
She turned my site into a pink hello kitty theme....

All is fine now ^^

How are you all?
I'm fine.

Life is looking in the right direction for me..
I wish it would rub off on my sweetie too..

Work is ok.
I had to work alot of overtime this month.
But now I dont have to anymore..
Too bad that the company didn't pay me my extra hours yet..
Really annoying.
Cause this month I wanted to buy the Playstation 3.
Ohwell I'll see when I get the money, I allready went into finance's office with steam coming out of my ears..
I got a new extra job at work.
I'm the tooling co-ordinator for the cell I work in.
It's a lot of work cause the last guy made a mess of it.
Ohwell I'll manage ^^

Life is ok too.
Too bad Lyt will be gone next week..
She'sgoing to Marakech.. wish I could join her but once again it's a school trip and I'm not invited...*sob*
But I'll survive the week ^^ Just gotta think of other stuff.

Well I dont have much else to say

So that's all from me today.
Have a nice day!!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   Some Changes.

hello everyone.

"well, since it's the new month and I haven't been around a lot, I figured it was time for some changes on my site.
I hope you all enjoy them for as long as they are there, cause I don't think I'll keep them around long after I find out what happened."

I think that's what Silver would think..
props for all this go to his mischievous kitty with too much time on her hands.
too bad this scare is a bit too late for Halloween..

*runs off waving to all of you*

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   Aloha Otaku..

Hi there everyone.
How are you all doing?

I'm doing ok.
Life is ok for me..
I wish it was as good for Lyt..
I worry about her alot lately.
She really needs a break.
Work and education is taking the best of her and it takes all her energy.
I'm really proud of her that she's doing so well at work though ^_^x

My work is going well too.
I'm getting a new boss next week, and I had a talk with him yesterday to see what the future holds for me.
He asked me if I wanted to learn how to build Compressors (for the turbine engines)
So I told him I would like that ^_^x
Since I now know fully how to build and strip the turbine part of the engine ^_^x
It's a new challenge.
So I'll be doing that for the next 3 months, till the end of the year.

Nothing else really special happened since I last posted, so I'll end this.

I hope life is treating you all verry kindly.

That's all from me today
Have a nice day!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   I am back... for a short while

Hey there boys and girls,
How's life treating you all?

Life is treating me like shit as always ^_^x
(yeah the smile is because I can't seem to care)

Well last week was nice.
I had my B-day on monday as you may have read.
And then the battery of my car decided to die, as a birthdaysurprise I think..
But I told you guys that allready.

I became a Line-inspector (yup my training is finished) at work.
So now I get alot of extra responsibility..
I think it will also mean that in my life besides work, I will become a little less responsible to make up for it..
Cant always be the responsible guy right?

On friday I went to Lyt's house, it was her mom's birthday.
It was quite a nice B-day, but nothing to talk much about.
Late that night we went to my house.
On saturday I needed to do alot of things to prepare for my party that night (still for my B-day)
Lyt and me did some grocery shopping and after that she took a long nap and I did some more things around the house.
The party was superfantastically great ^_^x
It was so cool to see my friends, co-workers and my nephew all getting along.
It was the best party I had in a long time.
Except maybe that Lyt suddenly had a sigarette and was smoking a bit.. I got really pissed (I hate smoking) so I grabbed it from her and put it out, she barely knew why she did it herself...
I know I have to look out for her when she starts drinking but I was having such a great time myself that I kinda let her be.. so I feel responsible for it now..
Anyway besides that it was a great party ^_^x

On to the next one, hehe.

Sunday was a day of recollecting strenght and getting rid of the alcohol in my system..
But it was a nice day afterall.

I am worried about Lyt these days.. even after such a nice weekend she is feeling depressed and suicidal again, maybe because school has begun for her again.. I dont know I'm just really worried, it kept me up for a few hours last night.

I have made this long enough again..
I'll see you all next time I get back on here ^_^x

That's all from me today
Have a nice day!!!!!!!!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

   It's ma Birthday!!!!!

Hello there boys 'n girls.
Long time no see.

I'm back to work so I just dont have the time to come on here every day.
But since today is special I thought I'd post something ^_^x

I didn't get any presents yet today.
But I did get my katana a while ago and a wrestling action figure "Edge" from Lyt.
My parents are gonna pay a large part of my two-person bed, that I'm gonna look for ^_^x

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll be seeing ya.

That's all from me today
Have a nice day!!!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

   Back to work

Hey guys and girls how have you been doing?
I've been doing great.

As you can see in the title, my vacation is over and I start working agin today..
I got mixed feelings about it.
On one side it's nice to see my co-workers again and do work that I really like to do.
But on the other side It's no more doing what I want to do when I want to do it.
I'll get to see Lyt a whole lot less again (wich is probably the worst part)
But at least I dont have just a bad feeling about it, andI start in the lateshift so it's an easy start ^_^x

My weekend with Lyt was great.
I picked her up on friday, and then we went to my house.
On saturday we went to see the movie "Evan Allmighty" wich was a fun movie ^_^x
We had a BBQ at home and the rest of the day we took it easy.
Sunday was a really easygoing day for the both of us.
We stayed in bed alot, and in the evening we watched tv.
We also watched the movie "Doom" wich I thought was really cool ^_^x

And today I'll bring Lyt back home, and after that I go to work...

That's pretty much all from me today
Have a nice day

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   Vacation report

Hi all.
How's life? Mine's pretty good.

I'll once again give you an update on how I have spend my days.

On wednesday Lyt and I went to see her mom in the hospital.
Which was totally boring, but at least her mom wasn't being a bitch this time.
Allthough her dad was being annoying enough for the both of em...
Really the way her parents treat her is so weird..
It's like they cant talk to her normally, and I know Lyt gets irritated by them fast and then lashes out to them, but when she is being real nice to them they still cant be normal to her..
It's like everything she does is weird in their eyes.

I know Lyt talks about this problem alot in her posts, but I wanted to adres the problem in my blog too..
The most annoying thing is that I cant do much to help her.. Just be there for her and try to calm her down when she's sad and angry because of it.
I'm really trying to find a deacent home for us to live in together..
But that's hard to find..not giving up though..

Anyway after the visit to the hospital we went to Lyt's house and we watched: "Perfect Creature"
Which was pretty cool.
And after a while I had to go home.
And since Lyt had to work on thursday I went home alone..

Yesterday I got a call from my best friend Frank..
His girlfriend (which he had for 2 weeks) told him she didn't know if she really wanted a relationship..
That's like the 3rd girl in a row for him who says that..
Most annoying part is that they all say they still love him and that he should give them some time..
Frank is the kind of guy to start moping and thinking about what had gone wrong..
So I decided to visit him and listen to what he has to say (and he says alot, he's a real talker..)
He did feel better when I left ^_^x
So that was cool.
When I got home I chatted with Lyt sometime and I also had this nagging muscle ache on my back and neck... I dunno why.
But it's gone now so I'm happy again, hehe.

Today will be a day for myself, Lyt wants a day of rest to do some stuff at home and I dont think I'll get a call from a friend to come over cause most of em are working..
I have no idea wht I'll do today, hehe.

Owyeah my parents came home early yesterday..
Which pissed me off, cause I wanted today parentless... I think I'll just avoid them.

Well that's all from me today
Have a nice day

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   How's everyone doing?

He guys and girls.
How are you all doing?

I'm doing fine.. would be nice if I had some more money on my bankaccount, hehe..
But dont we all have that wish? ^_^x

My vacation is still good.
Been pretty easy.
Lyt has taken some days to work on an assignment for school (reading a book and writing an essay about it)
In the meantime I worked around the house and did stuff, I cant remember it all.

Good news: I got to pay the bill for the repairs on my car in 2 times, and the bill came out lower then I was told ^_^x
Though 366 euro's is still a large amount of money...
It is alot less then the 890 euro's I thought I had to pay, hehe.
Now I only have to pay another 366 euro's next month and it's done ^_^x

Yestarday we did take some time to go back to that comicbook store in Rotterdam, that we found last week.
I spend a large amount of money there, since now I could ^_^x

I bought alot of manga.
I'll give you a list:

Bleach 20
Buso Renkin 7
Elemental Gelade 4 (waited so long for that one)
Gin Tama 1 (new series, I like it)
InuYasha 30 (also took long to come out)
ID_Entity 6 (anyone who liked .Hack// is gonna love this series)
Saiyuki Reload 2 & 3
Trinity Blood 3
Rave Master 5
Get Backers 16 & 17

I'm allready through half of it, hehe.
Because Lyt was busy with her assignment I got to read alot ^_^x

Today has been an easy day.
All we did was do some grocery shopping, she worked on her assignment (wich she finally finished) I read manga's and we played some with the kitten..

Owyeah my Manga list is up again ^_^x Thanx Lyt, I wuv you xxxxx

Well I'm gonna keep this short.
That's all from me today
Have a nice day!!!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

   Vacation is proceeding perfectly ^_^x

Hi guys and girls..

Here I am again, wOOOt!!! twice a week allready, hehe.

My vacation is still good.
I picked up my car on thursday and I cleaned the house a bit.
I'm also happy that I can pay the bill for my car in 2 times..
So now I don't have to borrow money ^_^x
(I really hate borrowing money)

On friday I went over to Lytjuh's house.
We had a fun day and we watched Ghost Rider (which was the best fucking movie I have seen in a while (winks go to Lyt...)
I really loved it.
Then at around 11 PM I had to go home, cause Lytjuh has to work today, so she needed to go sleep.

Today my parents are home for half a day.
They do their laundry over here...
I don't know why they dont want to do it on the camoing where they were, but I'm not gonna be bothered...
It's fun to have someone to talk to again..
That's the only thing I miss about them when they are gone and Lyt isn't with me.
The cats are fun, but not verry talkative in an understandable way....

I'm gonna take the rest of the day to relax and tongiht I'll pick Lytjuh up and she'll stay over at my house till wednesday ^_^x

Well that's all from me today
Have a nice day

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