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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well itís Thursday, and I have more homework then I can think about without getting a huge headache. We have a science Wednesday that took Mrs. Farquar 1 hour to explain to the class and half of them still don't get it. One of my friends wasnít there today, so naturally I assumed he died (inside joke). The other day this girl named Haley in my class asked my friend John if he and me were dating (I wasn't there so I don't really know what happened) John and me were laughing so hard after that. Can't a guy and a girl be just friends anymore? For homework we have a good copy of a poem due tomorrow, a model due on Wednesday, something for health due on Thursday, a 3-minute speech due on Monday, a music composition due on Monday, a French test on Monday and a book review due on the 25th. So I have a full plate. Sorry, no poem today. I was too stressed out. Wish me luck. Chow!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Well....another poem
Well I have another poem. It goes with the post I put up on Friday when I had that fight with my friend, but think it still applies. If anybody still has any advice for me for my last post, please post it here or on it, because I really need all of the advice I can get. I had a nice talk with one of the other girls he likes (the one I know) and I found out some interesting things... But onward and upward. Here we go...


An eerie silence rules over
Like the calm stillness after a storm
I know maybe I should let the dust settle
But its there, leaving a cut with a prodding thorn

People tell me to leave it be
Like the saying let sleeping dogs lye
But I don't think they can really see
How leaving it be is tearing me up inside

I hear the words echoing trough my head
I can't stop thinking about that day
The words exchanged and what was said
And I feel myself starting to decay

I wonder what is going through your mind
Of youíre thinking and fearing the same things
Maybe I can't see you're hurt, maybe I'm blind
I think I will wait and see what tomorrow will bring

I hope you guys liked it. Chow!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in like 2 days but my modem was fried, but its up again! Yay! I got hit in the head with a basket ball AGAIN today, so I have a gynormus head ache. Ok got a big problem here maybe you guys can help me out....

I like this guy, and he likes me back, Yay! So happy! but he likes 2 other girls too, one of them I know who she is but the other I don't. Now, the girl that I know; she is smarter than me, prettier than me, curvier than me, and more popular than me. That can be a problem (She doesnít like him back) So I am stuck in a bind, not that i can stop my feelings for him or anything, but I have been holding a false hope for....well....you get the picture. now I have a decision to make, should I give up, or cling on to my false hope? and i just found out that he had a g/f and he dumped her today (I found out today, he dumped her on Saturday) oh and here is one more thing....this guy is one of my best friends.

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   911 EMERGENCY!!!!
Well...almost. Ok it all started today at the two periods before morning recess. My friends and I were waiting for Mr. Riopel to open the door for your class, when some guy (coloured) (I hate to sound racist but it is an important part of the story) comes up to me and asks me a question about the book I am reading, I have to ask him to repeat the question several times be for I heard it, and then I replied "sure". Then Victor says "nice Danielle, you aren't used to talking to black people are you?" My smile drops of my face and with a cold gaze a ask him "excuse me?" We enter the classroom before he can reply and I give him the cold shoulder. My other friends agree, Victor had implied that I was a racist. My friends realise how serious it is when Victor sat by himself at lunch. John went over to speak with him after lunch and declares that Victor says that he is never eating lunch with us again and he will eat in the other class from now on. I stop cold. My friends talk some sense into me and John says that Victor claims he said sorry, but he did not hear the apology and neither did I. So I swallow my pride in English class and apologized for miss interpreting him comment and he says "I am sorry for ignoring you" I am like WHAT? YOU PRACTICALLY CALLED ME A RACISTE AND YOU APPOLIGISE FOR IGNORING ME??? but I smile and keep it to myself. But he won't even talk to me, I am sure he hate me. I don't even know why he was mad in the first place and now he hates me! I don't know what to do, I mean I apologized, and he is still mad. I it were one my my "girl friends" I would have hugged them to make it better and that usually works but as much as I would have liked to I probably would have died of embarrassment and never spoken again. So one of my best friends hates me and I don't know what to do about it, I have never had any real guy friends before (especially not in these, uh, "special" circumstances) Any body have any ideas?
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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Well its Thursday, but does it feel to anyone else that it should be Friday. We had a movie in class today, and then we got a free work period at the end of the day. Now if only I had some work to do, but its ok. It just means more time for me to read my book. No poem today, I was not inspired. Itís hard not to write when you have no new experiences or feelings to write about. I hope I can write something worth posting tomorrow. I have a speech due in 2 weeks; I dislike speaking in front of the class. Now I have a question, would you rather take 1 pill every day for the rest of your life or take a surgery that has a 1% chance of death, a 2% chance of you having to have an open heart surgery every 15-20 years and a 1.5% chance of a deflated lung and be able to walk around free of fear? (This is a choice I have to make so please take this seriously. I have never thought about it seriously for 2 years but I am starting to think about it.) Anywho, chow to my friends and peace out!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   Another poem.
John and I were talking today at last recess and we found out that we had the same suspicion about a friend of ours. That is what inspired this poem, so I would like to dedicate it to that good friend of mine.

About a friend

He tries so hard to be something heís not
Why can't he see the gift that heís got?
He tries to act dangerous; heís one of a kind
When he gets hurt he tries not to mind

He talks about death as if itís a game
But I always hope he does not feel the same
Through layers and layers of masks you go
Just to uncover who hides below

He tries to act gothic, but his efforts in vane
For we, his friends can tell itís not his domain
He lets down his mask when he speaks from the heart
Sometimes we can see him trough his great art.

He hides behind the mask he puts on
But we can see it fall like the coming of dawn
I feel great pity as he puts up defence
Against any challenge or any offence

He tries way to hard to look like heís mean and tough
But even when he succeeds, itís never enough
I sometimes wonder why he tries so hard
Until I see his true self when he lets down his guard

Please let me know what you think, yes again its not my usual style, but when inspiration hits, you gotta go with the flow.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Tuesday ... what to say?
Well we had sex ed today. Fun...NOT! We have to do a presentation on a S.T.D. Victoria, John and I got stuck with pubic lice (I don't have them I have to do apresentation on them), which made this assignment that much more fun. I am still a little confused on how John got in our group, because (since we could only have groups from 2-3 people) that he was going to be with Victor, but he clames that Victor "sent" him over. Mabey Victor is mad at him... he did make a rather weird comment twards him about Victoria and I today. Well he was also in a bad mood today. Was it something I did? He totaly spazed on my today because I was telling him why I did not like the grade 7 english teacher Mr. Salie, but after a few dirty looks he got the picture and came over to appoligise but he was on edge all day. Other than that we had 2 tests today and I have to study for a HUGE science test for tomorow.

OMG, ok do you guys think that someone is stuck up if they won't talk to this guy on their bus, who makes fun or people, steals peoples things and swears like all of the time? I have been labled stuck up because on that very situation. I mean why would you want ot talk to a bullie who has anofe trash spewing out of his mouth to fill a land fill in 3 days? All of the girls that are in grade 7 and 8 and panting over this guy like dogs staved for attention, I and can't stand him. He was alwayse talking to me, but I turned up my music and ignored him and now he doesn't even bother talking to me, but it makes me sick to see him picking on kids when the whole bus is on his side. Sigh...the unfaireness of life.

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Monday, April 4, 2005

   What to say......
Well I found out some... interesting news a few minutes ago. I should have known, no, I did know but I was blind, I did not want to see what was going on right in front of my face. I was always unlucky when it came to these things, that is probably why I am not supprised. I just hope he is happy. Anywho I wonder if I should still keep hope... that is the beauty of young hearts they heal, but w/e. I am meeting this guy I have never met before soon. He is a friend of a friend. I am kind of nervouse but, meh! He is a poet like me and we are already pretty good friends. Again good luck to you Victor, I hope you will be happy with your choice, whoever she is, she will be very lucky. Chow! PS If anybody reads this and does not understand, its because I don't expect you to, this is mostly for my benifit.
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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Since I have had some seriouse problems with miss communicaton with somebody, I think this poem might clear it up a bit. Here we go...

I see you standing there, I freeze
You look at me, my knees get weak
You smile, I melt inside
You speak, I avoid your eyes

Your lips move, I hear no sound
You hold my gaze, I stand my ground
I feel like I've lost my mind
I run from you but I can't hide

My heart pounds as you come near
You tell me what I want to hear
How am I supposed to know
If its for real or just for show

Please let me know what you think.

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Well, its saturday. I hope all you people are having a better saturday than I am because I so board!! I started wrighting another poem, I don't know if I should post it though, because it is realy personal and I actally wrote this one about somebody, but I might post it. I don't know. My friend Kaileigh got an online boyfriend because she gave up on her crush. It was on the game world of war craft or something like that. I am glad she got over her crush though, I mean. having a crush that will never notice you, or if two poeple like each other but its not going anywhere, not fun. Dreaming is fun, but f you're not careful, you could dream your whole life away. Mabey I should listen to my own advice...on second though, I think I am going to stick to being shy. For now anyway...unless something happens
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