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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   oooo hello otaku! *waves*
i forgot this was there for a long period of time.sorry for not updating [not that anyone cares *SNIFFLE*] anyway.i'm on top of the world thanks for asking.
latest news: no comment
random comment:NOT TOO LONG TILL I BREAK UP 4 SUMMER.omgord my friend abbey in yr 11 has just left and she has like a ten week summer holiday,i told her that mine was only 5 and she was REALLY evil,she just laughed and i was so depressed about it,tired and upset i nearly cried :( i had to stop of at the shop as we walked home and buy a big bar of chocolate.
yeah anyway.
current special people :D: Jaime *grins* Hannah,Jess,Kirstie....Mummy & daddy *giggle* Antoinette.....YAZZY!!!! and Catherine.

and s0,GOODBYE_and,G o o d n i g h t,[[Chibz]]\\.

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