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Monday, November 7, 2005

   play that funky music white boy!!!!!
my little pot plant got that fricking song in my head for the whole day.I even answered with it when someone called my name.Thanks DP lmao

yeah i'm this bored.i rarely have any news or reason to post anywayz so yeah.i really hate emily.and i'm glad that the bitch will never know that this is me or be able to prove it ^-^ anywho.i have the shittiest day in the world tommorow i have science german english drama and maths.
science = so boring...but my science room faces the art room so i can stare at that where my art teacher's teaching and wish i was there T_T lol
german = so boring.just so boring.
english = my teacher cant TEACH.
drama = totally embarrassing and uneccisary (sp) at the moment
maths = not that boring but too difficult.
YAY ME and emily is ignoring me,which i should be happy about becuz i hate her lmao.

um yeah.....clover's in portugal the lucky little bitch lol.im a loner now.i dun like it lol its not nice being a loner round here lmao

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and there is something else i was going to say but i wont so byeeee

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