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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   whats-life-all-about mode
Hi.Yeah,I'm actually this bored.I'm thinking of giving my site a makeover.It wont let me put wallpaper up,so meh.
no i havent been on or posted for a while but neither has anyone else ^^
i cant really be bothered any more lol.with anything.this,fictionpress,school bloody anything.had foodtech today.Clover (best friend) put my cookies in the grill.>.<* then she turned the oven up.I know she did,the rat.Intentionally or not.She looked like a tart today bless her LOL with her short skirt and lil mkenzie bag.she's too tall to look a tart tho lol.

mary:byebyebyebye PEOPLE HELLO
mary:bye *goes*

she gets into e v e r y t h i n g.lol i was daydreaming in french today that i was climbing up a huge cliff and the coean was clawing at me trying to sweep me away with it and then the bell rang and i suddenley realised i was climbing up the lockers lol.

not my usual "lol lol lol lol arent i annoying lol lol lol" self.quite depressed,actually.

I think I need a coffee.
bye bye dudes

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