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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   *sobs* !!!please come back to me!!!! *sobs*
I don't care who you are,as long as you don't hate me,i dont care where you live or whether you're standing behind me with a knife in your hand just ASSURE ME THAT YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Friday, September 2, 2005

   god sakes where is everyone?????
where the flying ducks is everybody????????? that's the first thing.
Second thing.Yesterday I was in the palace (we live near one) in the chapel bit.I was trying to pretend to be all religous and light a candle (for criticaly ill relative) but every time i tried i burnt my hands.it did it so badly once that i went "oww! bugger!" kinda loudly and yeah,a few heads turned my way....O.o...And then some boy from school comes up behind me and goes "Lizzie!" in a really loud voice and I nearly set the fricking chapel on fire trying to hold on to the bloody candle.I actually lit it in the end and believe me I got the fuckass outta there lol.
please,i beg you,whoever you are,comment on this post,lemme know that there are still humans in the world apart from me and fricking dreaming phoenix (lol)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

uhhhhhh yeah.go look in my quiz results,i took loadsa surveys last time i was bored.dude,i fcuked em up.i mean,seriously.read them,some of the answers i gave are like "WTF????????" lol.but oh well,i was bored.well? go read!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!! oh....and before anyone asks......alex is......a seagull!!!!!!
SS ~

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Friday, August 26, 2005

WHEEEEEEEE! I worked out how to change my avatar thingy! I'm very proud.

k my profile has undergone a kind of makeover as have my details down the side,i swear we've had a commenting strike,no-one commented on anything for weeks,well days then,so yeah......and guess what? i'm so bored.and tired.yeah.thats all.byez
ss ~

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   ticked off
i cant upload any other avatar apart from that flower and its pissing me off a bit.anywayz,dp get ur butt online (lol)
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

oh yayayayayayayayayayay!!!! i logged in! properly! yay! sorry my pc wouldnt let me log in thats why i havent commented in about 5 million years also ive been on holiday WOO HOO! YAY! i'm twice as brown as i was b4 and to dreaming phoenix who's seen me before i went, that thought must be kinda scary! (lol) anywayz...hm....ohhhh i need to write haiku...i'm bored....i wanna get MSN.AND i strained BOTH my knees.can you believe that-no pole vaulting for four weeks.*starts to cry* lol.i whacked both my knees on the side of the pool when i got out of it on holiday,which didnt do them much good.then i was trying to train even though they hurt and the track was wet so i couldnt run on it properly and yadda,yadda,yadda.....(lol) so my knees kill,dreaming fricking phoenix is away from her pc,i'm cold....very cold....cos the heatings busted and is there any chance whatsoever that Flo Jo will come back to life miraculously and tell me how the hell she ran so fast? (lol) that was random.
i'm so tired.......so tired....i hate flights.planes and stuff.we landed today and the air hostess (with eyelashes longer than her skirt,i might add lol) goes,"thankyou for travelling with airtours,we appologise for the delay." and my dad goes,"you should appologise for the chicken! first meal i ever had where the container tasted better than the food." i was like,lol.
hmm....rei/kai? no. kai/rei.that sounds better (lol)
i also got a lecture from DP and DT not to chat up any boys when i went on holiday,and they said if i even tried it then their apparitions would appear and push me in the pool (lol)so i didnt even try that lol

me:oh for the love of-how did you get here????? you're creeping into everything,even my fanfiction reviews lol
mary:um...i dont know....*drools* KKKKKAAAAAAAIIII *blushes* uh.....i meant......BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE

excuse her lol so....yeah.whats the fascination with tea? its something i dont understand.lol.WARNING:a haiku is imenant.

black blankets cover
stained longings splattered and spilt..
never dreamt of since.

(that was a haiku.a three lines japenese poem.5-7-5.not a very good one,but still a haiku.)

my blue moon roses
named by a goddess,maybe
or just by my thoughts.

(another one.)

twilight hour,sky
a deep blotted navy ink
its so lonely here.

(and another.)

angels dewy tears
from harmony in heaven
so why do they cry?

and another,the last one.i'm haiku mad.oh well,please comment and tell me which ones you like best.i think this post is long,cant remember.cya then lol.oh well,byez people
Silver Stream ~

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   me going on holiday tonight!!! ya,as if you didnt know XD
um....read the title!! lol yayayayayayayayayayayay me on holiday! uh,2nite that is...oh well bye bye people who i wont see in two more weeks! betcha wont miss me *sobs* lol actually u better miss me or i'll set my squirrel killer on you O.O ok ok ok DT i know you're not a squirrel,you're a cat XP (lol) me no thinking bout school!!!!! actually i go back on september the 8th (thats what thingyamablibby said but you cant be sure..never fully trust thingamablibby lol) so i got 4 more weeks here i think.....oook..yayzers ^_^...i'm bored.....dreaming frickin phoenix get your butt online this second (lol) i was drawing this.....thing this morning.i was actually gonna put it up,it wasnt bad.......it was kinda hard to make out but it was this garden,everything was emerald green in it (emerald green! YAY! *does happy dance* sorry i'm big on happy dances lately O.O lol) it was uh......different shall i say ^_^ (lol) ^.> (oww lol love that one) u dun have to be a genuis to guess what i did with this drawing do ya now?lol that sounded retarted,well the point is i lost it.yar.lost it.oh well i'll draw another 1...
btw i decided to be a humming bird instead of a wyvern....no....wait i didnt decide,i considered,what do u people think??? omg it has been raining the whole summer holidays (apart from today ^_^ i bet that when i'm away in another country england'll have wonderful weather O.O lol) no fair *sulks* my cousin has been pelting me with all this news about the job she's gonna get this week.she's gonna work in a bank for gawld's sake!! (lol) she's doing deaths (when sum1 dies u have to sort out what 2 do with their account) and i very nearly said talk about typecast (cos this may sound seriously harsh but she looks dead herself lol) honestly ppl at school would walk past her singing funeral marches lol u may notice i'm rambling? its cos i'm sooooo bored and i havent got anything to do and narg enough of my whinging i'm going btw random smiley i know BYEZ ooooops thats dreaming phoenix having an effect on me *slaps side of head lol*
SS (hummingbird or wyvern it depends lol) ~

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Friday, July 29, 2005

omg my fan art's up-well what are ya waiting for? GO COMMENT PLZ PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol u heard lol
Silver Stream ~

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   hello..me tired...thats rare...me hardly ever tired...i think its something to do with the heating....could be something to do with the coffee....could be something to do with the fact that i was emailing DP until god knows when and got up at 6:30 this morning....arggggghhhhh...nightmare on earth never get up at 6:30 in the holidays lol omg i shall be scarred for life from that (lol)
anywayz....me tired....me dont like being tired....i was downstairs at thingy past thingy this morning anywayz....yeah...going on holiday thursay....up at 2:00 god help me
Silver Stream ~

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Avatar YAY
well what do you think of my new avatar pic or whatever its called people? (lol)
SS Wyvern ~

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