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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think it's time I've quit
I have had some good times on the otaku, made some good friends but I have lost my passion for anime and have decided to quit the otaku.......... April Fools! Anyway I had a fun day at school today. Learned about this holiday involving fish in French class and throwing flour at people. I also tricked my friend by saying he had a fish on his back and I said April Fools :) My english teacher also said we had to read a 1,000 page novel and write a 500 page persusasive essay but I knew it was a joke. On to the questions of the day.

Questions of the day

1. Did you have a happy April Fools Day?

2. Have you played any pranks or jokes today?

3. Have you have been tricked or pranked on April Fools Day?

4. Did you fall for my prank?

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