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Monday, March 15, 2010

First update of the year (and its March!! *hits head on computer*)
Seen a couple people revive on this site *claps* haha man, I miss my friends on here!! Hope I get a chance to catch up with them all ^^

And let's give a big YAY to Spring Break!!! lol now I have no excuses of no time for exercising. And so I shall. I already did today...felt good but I'm sure I'll change my mind by the end of the night when my muscles scream at me in resentment. But no matter ;) I'll be working and have to time to listen to them.

KK and I are going to Japan in August!! ^o^ I'm super excited, just can't wait!! I've been trying to save up and really, it's hard. But it'll be sooooo worth it, I'll be coming back with all the Gackt magazines I can hold lol. Hoping to catch a jrock concert while we're there too. Anyone know of any bands having a live beginning of August?

Other than that, not much is different.
Talk to you guys later
Ja ne~~~

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