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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday|November 17|2007

Alright, Today was fun. I got to read a few new BeathNote mangas and got to play a game with my mom.

Hey, I got a question.. What's worse? Getting your internet cut-off or having no internet at all?

Me, I say no internet at all, otherwise I would've never met such nice people like you guys.

I changed my mind of the cosplay thing. I'm going to be Near, the white-haired person. Hehe, it's going to be fun I can tell. I have a white hair spray can and I can just where a white shirt and jeans and I'm set! Oh, by the my friend Cinammon might bring a video camera so we can post it on youtube and myspace! It's going to be fun! -claps head-

Question time
[ The first question counted as 1]
2] What the most fun time you had?
3] Name your fav animal
4] Quick! Without thinking think of something black and white.
5] Name one of your fav bands.
6] Name of the classic animes.
7] Who do you like from KH?
8] Can you guess why I'm always dull or happy?
9] Name a hobby you do.

My answers
2] Having fun with my family
3] Foxes and pengiuns
4] A penguin!
6] Hamatro!
7] Riku.
8] Becuase I always feel happy (I don't even know!)
9] Drawing
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