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Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Mood: Sorrow and pain
Music: Welcome to the Black Parade - MCR

I'm in so much sorrow right now.. I can't even think of a single happy moment..

Last night some gang broke into our room and started to rape me and my friends. We're lucky they didn't penetrate us or anything. Though, my friend Julia she was Fully raped. We going to the docotors to see if she has anything serious and whatnot. I hope she does well, she's one of my clostes friends..

Anyways, It's pretty early here. It's like 3:00 am here. I woke up early..really early. My friends and me are ocking everything from now on.. We don't trust strangers either.. of course..who would..

Oh, i have to go make some salad for my cousins pool party. See you guys around.

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