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Friday, August 11, 2006

   Story Time! (gushy-romance haters beware!)
Hey folks. It's been..a long time. But I can, and will, explain, promise. ^_^ This'll be good, especially for all you saps out there.

You know, I've been on myO for more than a year now, and with all these posts I've put up, I've hardly told you guys anything about me, unless you're really insightful and you can figure things out that is. ^_^

Okay. So who wants to know what's up with Silence? for real? If anyone even visits me anymore. *grin* I wouldn't blame you guys, I pretty much fell off the face of the planet. But if you're here, I think this will be worth it.

Enough already, Silence. Stop blabbering and say what you came to say.

Well, it's not Saturday night, but this post is going to break tradition anyways so who cares?! :D

Alright, on with my story. (severly shortened, much to my sadness.)

Once upon a time..in a not so distant place in a not so unfamiliar world lived a girl.
On the outside, she was smiling and cheerful and happy, and her life looked enviable (at least I would envy it if I saw it! XD) She had great grades, great friends, a family, a nice house and a nifty dog. On the inside, she was depressed and felt alone in her world. She would put on a smiling face to fool the world, she told goofy jokes and wrote silly posts and used her insight to act like she was happy, and it worked most of the time. Sometimes, people who acted like they cared would move in and out of her life, but each time she thought someone understood her unhappiness, they would fall out of her life again. As a result, she trusted no one.
She was wrapped up in the world the internet had to offer, and a member of an online community called The Otaku (sound familiar? no? Get help.)She liked the way she could be who ever she wanted, and she could make friends without having to bare any part of herself in return. One day she was browsing in the fanart section and she came across something that caught her eye (deal with it pears I'm going to flatter you)and she looked at the drawing, and was impressed enough to find the artist and sign his guestbook.
He returned the favor, as all polite myotakians will, and the two of them started sending private messages back and fourth. One thing led to another, and when he asked her for her screen name (she trusts no one, remember?) she surprised herself and gave it to him. The two of them talked more and more, and she found she could really tell him about herself, and he listened, and responded, and for once it felt like someone really cared. He eventually asked for her name, and a picture, and she gave that too.
The months flew by, fall came, and faded into winter, and she wondered if she was losing her mind. Is it possible to have feelings for someone you've never met in person? She hadn't thought so, but her heart was telling her otherwise. More time passed, and eventually the two of them admitted to feelings for each other. More months, and she was happy, for the first time in her life she had something she really thought she could live for, someone to hold on to. But it wasn't perfect. They'd still never met in real life, he was in one state, she another. They satisfied themselves by exchanging videos of eachother, and sneaking numerous phone conversations.
They planned to meet within the year, but she worried that her overly-paranoid parents would cut all ties between them if she told them. But she did, with time. And they agreed to let the two meet.
After months of waiting, and wishing, the weekend finally came where he would arrive. She was nervous, of course. Would he be who she had thought he was for the last year of her life? What if she was just shaping him into what she needed him to be?
In the end, there was no cause for worry. The two met, and she found that she was happier with him than she'd ever been in her life. A year had passed, and he had pulled her through the worst depression of her life, giving her hope and something to reach for when it seemed easiest to just give up. He left in a few days, which seemed far too short, and the two promised to meet again as soon as time would allow, keeping the relationship in the meantime. How could she not? She loved him.

And that's my modern fairy tale. That girl is me, of course, and that other, that amazing artist who changed my life is known as Chaos Eidolon on this site. We'd been boyfriend and girlfriend in psuedo-secret for a while, and now I finally get to tell everyone the truth. I really could go on gushing about him and how great he is forever, but I don't think he'd like that. -_-'

Thank you, Chaos, (gosh it feels wierd to call you chaos!) if I havn't embarrassed you too much already. I'm sorry, I am a girl. ^_^ And a helpless romantic at that.

So, now you all know.


Well, he's fine, actually. A little green, but relatively unharmed.

And if that didn't answer your question about Saturday posts, well, they won't be every saturday, no, I don't need that anymore, but they'll come from time to time, even elmo needs some publicity, and the moldy toes need airing out once in a while.

If you guys read all that, hey, isn't it cool? If not, man, you're missing out, if you ask me. XP Not everyday you get to hear true stories like these. *sniffs*

Well, I've said what I wanted to say, and I don't see the point of dragging this on, who knows, maybe you'll hear from me on saturday. ^_-

For those of you who did, thanks for reading, and go pay chaos a visit if you want to hear the male-version of the story! I love him. ^-^

Till next time, says Silence, who goes to bed happy these days.

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