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Saturday, May 6, 2006

DONT STAND SO CLOSE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO
Who's heard that song eh? It's by Sting, who's cool, it's also a creepy teacher molestation song, but that's besides the point. :D

Hello all, another week!

And I know it's not my Saturday night post, but I have plans for tomorrow so I'm going to whine and complain about my life tonight instead. And be warned, this may not be very amusing and possibly insulting if you look between the lines. ^__- But I don't expect you to do that.

Everyone okay with that? XP

Yes. my week. where to start? Well today was physically abuse Silence day..and that was really fun. yay!

So I went to sit down against this big pillar we have in our commons, only this wooden board with this metal part was also residing there..it was like..board vs. silence's spine. Yes. that hurt. It still does. XD every time I move it's like someone's stabbing me in the back. woo hoo!!

Oh!!! and then!!!! my other friend didn't see me there and she kicked me in the head when she came bounding up.

Yes, obviously I am a much loved and appreciated person.

But no really! My life is raining muffins!

And then it sucks.

There were a million things I was going to say, and all these things that happened I thought about saying..but then I thought..

What if ox sat in the hall and ate my socks?

Yes I don't know either. Really. But no stories. I figured out that's no way to hold a conversation and it's not really funny if you weren't there anyways.

Ah what's the point?!?! XO

I could probably tell you guys the sky was blue and you wouldn't take me seriously. -_-'

But actually you would have good reason not to. It's really been quite gray and leaking rain all week.

What a fun dreary mood! :D

Let's all stop and wonder how it's affected me. But not really, because I bet you wont. ^_-

Okay here's a thought for the entire world.

Consider your life, right? It's there, and there is SO MUCH that goes on just your life!

Now, consider the other 6 billion or so people on the planet. Each and every one of them has their own life too. Imagine 6 million people going to bed at night, fighting with their friends, being depressed, getting married, dying.

Can you imagine how many worlds that creates that none of us are aware of?

Okay i know that had no signifigance at all, but I mean, if you want to look at it smaller, all of your friends and everyone you know has their own life and events that go on too. Do you ever think of all your classmates doing the same thing with you as you get ready for school in the morning? It's true.

Am I being boring?

I'm sorry. Maybe I should do something really stupid like stick straws up my nose and snort jello and things would be right in everyones personal world because Silence was fufilling her personal duty as the lifeless entertainer.

But that's just wrong. ><

Who wants to snort jello anyways?

Pudding is all the rage here.

Ah!! there I go again see! I'm like a turtle, if you rip my shell off I'll curl up and die.

Did anybody follow that?

By the way, those of you who said purple to me last week, thank you. Those of you who didn't, congradulations for being an average person. Really, it's okay.

I was an average person once..hmmmm..but that was a long time ago before furbies roamed the free world and terrorized the innocent.

But honestly you can't blame your problems on furbies people!

It was obviously the monkeys that corrupted society.

And don't you dare tell me it's not. -_-

Yes. My back hurts. My head hurts. I so peeved at the whole universe I want to stick my head in a bucket of rotten tomatoes and inhale.

Goodbye cruel world. XD

How many of you are still reading anyways?

Just because I'm a poor hermit who needs entertainment in her life, I might actually go stick my finger in an electrical socket or something.

Have I mentioned that I'm a little insane? *snorts* a little more than a lot more like it.

Have you ever snorted? I think I have like 3 times in my life and I was laughing so hard it only made it more funny. XD


oh, guess what? We're skipping the whole bio section of the post tonight on account of me eating the book in frustration earlier this week.

It's really funny, people will ask "what's wrong?" And I say nothing, and they'll repsond with "tired?" "homework?" or "ricky?"

(go ahead and laugh chaosalchemy and red because you know it's true.)

But you always nod and say "yeah" rather than address the real problem!!

Which can actually be pinned on a "ricky" more often than not.

But that's not the point! XO

The point is that we're all just wrapped up in ourselves (woot) and we wouldn't notice if an ox did in fact, eat our socks.

And that this post is getting really long.


Did I mention that I get spend over two weeks this summer hanging in the carribean AWAY FROM ALL THIS?!?!?!?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*silence can't wait to get out of the county* sweeeeettttt...

and now I need to stop typing. my fingers are getting tired and I might actually go to bed. *gasp!*

After finishing my book of course.

Well, sorry you had to listen to all the nonsense (or was it?) if you read it. lol. I'll try to say something that makes sense in the future.

I hope you all have a really great week, and try not to miss me TOO much on saturday, I know it will be very hard for you all not having one of these to read sunday morning. (and I'm the queen of france)

See you everyone!!!! Smile and be merry and don't forget the oxen!

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

someewhherreeeeeeee oveeerrr the rainoooooooowww..
way upppppp high...
there's a land that I've heard of once..la la la la laaa..

Happy Saturday guys!!!

I'm alive!!! are you?!

Okay. I have to tell you all right now. I'm making brownies!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only I ate so much batter..I don't really think I want to eat the brownies anymore..>_<

Silence: I'm..MAKING BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!

Silence's Mom: It's 11 PM!

Silence: You don't have to eat them. hmph.

and so it was.

You know I totally forgot everything I was going to say for this week..hmmmmmm...well..I spent the night at tikia's house. with red and company, and we ended up flipping her off this couch while she was sleeping in the morning and she hit this wall and got really mad. e.e

bad bad silence BAD girl!!!! XO

Oh, speaking of, I have two simple requests. If no one minds..they concern the name I have for myself here on myO.

Numero Uno: please, I know my name here is SilencetheDawn, and if you'd like to abbreviate it, please call me silence, not STD. I've gotten that a lot, and really. -_-' COMON PEOPLE! it's not like I did it on purpose! I don't want to be called that! would you? I mean, honestly.

*waves arms* lookit me!! I'm a sexually transmitted disease!!!

umm. no.

Numero Dos: If you happen to be one of those people who know my real name, PLEASE do not call me that here. I like to remain nameless, and I know some of you don't mind, and some of you are just stupid. ^___^ But I won't say who because that would not be very nice would it? If you're going to give yours out, fine. but do not go leaving mine lying around for other people to see. okay?

we all clear?

I'm a nice person, really I am. *sigh* but the thing is half the planet is afflicted with moronitis, and sometimes a girl gets mad.

ahem. anyways! :D BAck to my usual silly slaphappy self!

*puts on butter sandals and skates around the hardwood floors* wooo... butter over here..butter over there..

Look how shiny the floor is mom!!

Okay do you ever get your house cleaned, and then forget about it, and you walk onto a wooden floor with socks on and it's just like..

BAMMMMM!!!!!!!! OUT YOU GO!!!!!!

*judges* 10/10! great form on that tailbone crack!

So obviously I'm not a huge fan of socks..but you all knew that already..

But! I just remembered something! I think I broke my big toe hiking today!!! :D Yay!!!
That used to happen all the time in gymnastics, only I'd have to pop it back into place..yes..

*gets lost in the bliss of her memories*

*muffin drifts by in the air*

I don't want to eat my spinach daddy the blue people have bananas and they're coming for my brains..

NO! NO! NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*bloody handprints on doorway*

ladies and gentleman. the blue people now have silence.

*everything gets really loud*

SILENCE!!!!!!!! XO

I'm back! :D

*things get all quiet*

ahhhh..much better.

so obviously I'm telling you next to nothing about my life, or any of my thoughts, other than the clinically insane ones. *shrugs*

But how many of you really care anyways?

I know how it works. Oh, oh! Look at me! I'm just going to go visit everyone on myO and leave them meaningless comments and gb signings that show I care nothing about them and bug them about visiting my site so I can look more popular yay! :D

I see..skies of blue..la la la la..and I say to myself..what a wonderful world..

no it really is pathetic. I refuse to play. why should I waste my time telling you every detail of my life when none of you care and are probably not going to read this anyways? And the ones who do care are IN my life, so obviously I don't have to repeat stuff for them.

If you read this part, and SEE it, and plan on leaving me a comment, please say the word purple sometime in your comment. XD Just a little experiment.

But yes. for old time's sake. it is now time for Silence's traditional I-sold-my-soul-to-biology rant.

waaahhh lookit me I'm so sad..I have so much bio homework and the only way I can get an A in the class is if I sell my soul to the DEVIL!!!!!!!!


Actually he gave me 50 bucks AND some muffins for it.

*proud* I'd say I was a pretty good barterer.

but yes. Silence did her bio. Everyone see what a good girl she is. *smiles sweetly*

You know, I have no idea what I'm even talking about anymore. Isn't that sad?

My cousin from Mars hitchhiked a ride with an elephant from Serbia and now they're both eloping in Canada.

but that doesn't matter.

I really like muffins.



I'm so stupid. It's another name for butter. I was making the brownies and it was right there on the stick of butter I was using. "Canola Oil"

oh good job Silence. we're all so proud.

Now, on a scale of one to ten..how would you rate my insanity?

I think I deserve at least a 9...I mean..it's only fair after that incident with the chainsaw last year..

Well anyways. I don't think I'm going to keep rambling for no purpose whatsoever much longer, much as I love to do it. XP

My fingers are getting mad at me and we wouldn't want them to take revenge and make me pick my nose in front of someone important now would we? XO

Laws must be obeyed, that they must. *bows* yoda..master of all..

*floats off somewhere over the rainbow*

goodbyeee..*drifting away*...

have a great week I'm going to go hang with elmo in munchkinland!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

okay I made it this week! yay!!! *is really proud of herself*

Right, so how is everyone?!?! DId you all miss me for the last 7 days?! Was your life void of Silence and her wierdness?! You better say yes.

*sharpening skinning-alive knives*

Alright so before I forget, choir is really funny right now. XD You all know phantom of the opera correct? :D Well, we'e singing "Music of the Night" from it, and it's so neat.

Only I run into some problems with certain lines.. Sopranos sing "Touch me, Trust me, savor each sensation" and it's supposed to be this sad lament and I CANNOT DO THAT LIKE WITH A STRAIGHT FACE FOR THE LOVE OF ME!!! XO

I'm so sorry. I giggle every time. I keep picturing the phantom in the movie with his hands all over christine and then I crack up and it all falls apart. XD yay.

Only it shouldn't be such a problem because we have another song "In the Mood" and I mean, who can guess what that ones about? lmao. I have no trouble with that one. probably because you're supposed to be happy and excited for it. ^__^

The wonders of music. *sighs* *laughs* wheee!

*munches on her toenails* I like the crunchy ones..

ahem anyways. I was really sick this week. Let me show you how it went!


*rolls around on the bed*

*moans some more*

*stuffs tissues up her nose in growing frustration*

*finds that tissues have become fused with her nose the next morning and she cannot get them out*

Yes it was fun. But it's all a part of life. yay! :D Life! I love my life. Especially the cinnamon kind..we havn't had those in a while though..hmmmm..

Okay now I have the hiccups. *screams of torment*

WHAT TO DOOOO!?!?!?!?!? AHHHH!?!?!



Okay. moving on. Lets try and ignore them and see if they go away.

SO! I need to quit totaling laptops. I have this horrible thing in my bloodstream, that whenever I touch technology it goes *BZZZTTTT* and dies. On attempt to revive it..*BOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

So my dad is getting kinda peeved. obviously. XD But I swear it's not my fault..I mean..eheh..


Ignore it. just don't say anything..at all..


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes on killing rampage*

NOOOO!!!!! *hiccup*


someone please shoot me now. pretty please. with cherries and muffins and stuff on top.

OMG! So! my mom's friend ellen brought me THE BEST ice cream today because she wanted me to feel better and I kinda made a fast recovery today..so..she comes over (before going to lunch with my mom), and looks at me outside dressed, on the patio chatting, and goes, "You're not acting like a sick person!"

Silence: "well sick people get better! XD Oh..I'll take that ice cream off your hands though.."

Oh and it was good.

I love Ellen. XD THat stuff rocked my socks. only my brother ate like half of it. XD

ICE CREAAMMM!!!!!!! yaya.

joe mamma.

So yeah. not whole lot to say. *shrug* I ran 20 miles across the ocean while drinking canola oil and I got married to a 5 legged alien from uranus last tuesday.

but that's not important. ^___^

the important part is that his name was fabio. oh yes. pears. fabio. pears. fabio. FABIO. FABIO.

Everyone. Fabio. Is, my rock, a vault, and a male model who was recently in an "I can't beleive it's not butter" commercial.

I actually find him disturbing looking. XD No worries pears.

But I just thought I'd throw that out there.

what is canola oil anyways? It really just popped into my head *along with a few other things that wouldn'thave been right* XD

I think I'll stop this now..I really don't have much to say about this week..

Only I guess that for a few days I was experiencing a serious lack of faith in the world and in people, and in people I know I love.
Sorry guys. I didn't really mean it..I mean, we all get really down-ish sometimes. And I want to say that I really don't have that much of a bleak outlook, I promise. I beleive in finding love and happiness. And I hope we all get there. I do want to stand up for the things I love, and hope to reach my dreams someday with someone else beside me. And it must be possible.
Thanks for putting up with me. ^__^ you know who you are.

Enough with the sentiments though. ^^' We can't let the world know that cynical Silence actually has feeelinggs now can we? XP

Have a great week everyone. Forgive the lapse into seriousness. it happens sometimes.

Till next time! Much Love everyone be happy it could always be worse!


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Silence LIVEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (somewhat)
Ahhh!! I missed 2 weeks of saturday night posts sorry!!! ^_^;; My life got really crazy and I'm so overloaded with homework you might as well drown me. -_-' But I'm here now..taking valuable time off my bio homework to bring you an update of nothingness. XD

Okay, before I say anything else, I'd like to explain a concept for you all today. Most of you don't understand this one, I've actually had to define it like ten times in the last year for the thick people of the planet. -_- So have this as a reference.

I give you, ladies and gentlemen, the "Opinion" pronounced Uh-pin-yuhn. Take a moment to say that outloud please. -_-

Now, an UHPINYUHN is something you yourself beleive or feel, but other people may feel differently. an UNIVERSAL piece of knowledge, is called a "fact" (if you can't say it then that's sad. XD)

Shall I give you some examples just to make sure we're all clear?

FACT: Jennifer Lopez is an actress and song artist.
OPINION: Jennifer Lopez looks like a clown in her golden globes dress

FACT: War of the Worlds was a movie starring Tom Cruise
OPINION: Tom Cruise acted like a cow in that movie.

FACT: George W. Bush is the president of the United States (OUUR U.S., for those of you who were wondering)
OPINION: George W. Bush stomps all over the constitution and breakdances with Brittany Spears.

FACT: Silence has used a celebrity in all of her examples
OPINION: Silence is using celebrities because she needs a life of her own. (actually I'm just trying to think of the least controversial things out there. ^_^;)

okay are we allll cllleeaaarrr noowww?? Nod your heads yes like good little children now. Yes Silence, we all understand the value of an opinion now.

And what is that?

That all people have opinions and they're often different but that doesn't mean anybody is wrong, O Master Silence.

Good children. now we can move on.

So! Anyywaayyys..I'm just here, doing my homework, as always, tra la la la life is great.

and have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY FLIPPIN DOG?!?!?! OMG!!! *GLOMP*

I just realized tomorrow is easter! :D Yay! And I'm...doing absolutly nothing. yay Silence. I remember..blissful days of egg-hunts and screaming and fighting with my brother over the ones we found..ahh..the memories..

*silence drifts off to reminiecsing about sweet attempts to annihilate her brother while they kicked eachother and rolled on the ground*

good times good times.

So how are you all doing anyways? Who gets presents for easter?? *jealous* ;_;

daddy didn't love meeeee...

just kidding..but I guess holidays are just days for my family. though we're doing a nice brunch.


muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin..*drools and eyes dart around the room* I know you're in here muffin...

*scene flashes to rainy city streets, muffins are lined up on every street, and every window, as far as the eye can see, it's dark and the rain is pouring* *One muffin steps out of the downfall*

"Mr. Annnderrsonn..it ends tonight."

*neo muffin steps out of the downfall*

"I'll get you for sure, BLUEBERRY SMITH!!!"

*Smith* "How dareee you..I'm a LEMON MUFFIN!!!!!!!!! DIEEE!!!!!!!!"

*gross muffin gory violence ensues*

And in the end everyone was a banana nut muffin and the apes still ruled the world, but no one knew it because..


*coughs* anyways.

I like muffins. but I should stop now..that was random..

but I really don't have a lot to say, I'm exhausted and all of this just drags on and on and I get one months worth of homework done and then they dump ten more pounds on me before I can breathe.

yep. Zip a doo dah, zip a dee day..my oh my what a wonderful day..

plenty of homework..coming my way..my oh my what wonderful day. ^_^

I think I'll just go now. =_=

Have a really good week, or month, or however long it takes me to get back here everyone!!!
Happy easter!!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

(night) -_-
My last night of freedom, isn't it sad? Lets all have a moment of silence now to honor the end of my peace of mind for the year. hardly. lol.

*moment of silence*

Ah good, now that that's over with we can all move on with our lives. -_- Cynical Silence, reporting to give her report, as always. Did we all have a semi okay week? good? yay!!

I lived. *looks proud*

Okay before I forget, I'm driven to make a comment today on the nature of the things we seem to draw..

Okay, so, most girls, tend to draw girls, and most guys, tend to draw guys, right? Just the norm..only it's funny, because I'll see a lot of girls draw guys, only they tend to look like girls too. really girly faces, really skinny, no muscles..and some even have girly figures. lol. But I think it's realy funny when guys draw girls..

It seems like all you're looking at are some watermelons and a pair of legs. Legs that go all the way up, that is. >_< Okay, damn! When's the last time you saw someone who ACTUALLY looked like that?! XO Either, A.) Guys are sick. (likely) B.) you read too many comics and your vision of the female anatomy gets really warped, or, god forbid, C.) You all just have some crazy high standards. XD

I suppose it's all three. lmao. But if guys draw what they want, then why is it girls seem to draw men that are complete PANSIES?! *huff huff*

I mean, sorry, some of you really know your stuff and get it right..so you're excluded from this rant..but gosh..is there some fun stuff out there..>_<

Okay moving on. XD That's my "Society-Is-Stupid" talk for the night.

*goes and sticks head in a barrel of radioactive chemical waste* hey I can see my brain ooze!!!

So I drove with my mom up to this really pretty town, boulder, today to meet with some friends for ice cream, and we had a very interesting yet amazing discussion..and I'm basicly genetically screwed when I get older. XD Thanks all of mom's stupid relatives..(I love them, but it's not fair) You learn that your family has a history of melanoma (as you're recalling the 2nd degree burns you got a few years back) or all of them have had appendicitis..you know. XD fun stuff like that, I'm sure you all know what I mean.

But I had a really good time, and it was fun sitting out in the sun and people watching..XD You know in boulder they passed a law saying you cannot "own" a dog, but you're instead, it's "legal gaurdian" hah. this is the kinda people we're dealing with in boulder. it's so funny.

Hmmmm..so..I have a project to do on a fish dissection before I get back, for biology, I just remembered that. >_<

Who here likes fishies?! :D

I...don't..*continues to procrastinate*

I find out what choir I made it into on monday, at long last. ^_^;; I'm pretty sure I made charisma, the choir right below chantons, but I don't mind that much, it's still an honors level choir, and I know my time will come senior year. ^^ I mean..I tried, so it's all good. no worries.

I've been saying that a lot lately..who am I, XD steve irwin?! Ahhh..*sneaks up on croc* she's a beaut..


AHHH MY ARMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the end. XD No, Steve Irvin rocks though. I want his job when I grow up, only with marine life..yeah..sharks. :D there's the real fun. And those..huge deep sea jellyfish that are supposed to have a bell with a diameter of like 40 feet..and 200 foor long tentacles..holy crap.

I want one for my pond.

I need to get a pond first.

It'd have to e a pretty big pond..

hmm. ^__^ I'll pay some macho guy to come do it for me, of course! *brilliant*

I kinda feel like singing along with the disney songs on my iPod now..*ponders the possibilities*

YAY DISNEY MUUSSIICC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

I'm gonna go make a fool out of myself in front of absolutly no one now. ^_^ You all have a fantastic week.


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Monday, March 20, 2006

Do not Worry fishes..I am saving you from Drowning..
*shudder* yay! That's from a random book. XD And it's a really good book too so no one say anything! XO *glares all around*

So..umm, I broke my saturday post routine last night and didn't update. ^_^' Eheh. Sorry, I got distracted, by a different book. -_- (and now we learn something about silence)

Anyways! Another week, another night, blah blah blah, my spring break has just started, how about you guys? If it's over, >_< I'm sorry, cry me a river, but you had yours and I didn't! XO So lemme enjoy it.

Well, for some actual news, I did try out for chantons on friday. *noises of distress* it could've been worse, and it could've been better, so oh well. it's not the end of the world. There's always senior year for me. But gosh. XD I thought I was okay right up until we started and my legs started shaking so bad I thought I was gonna die horribly after screaming and repeatedly smushing my face into te piano.
But clap for Clockwork Faerie! She did great on the piano for me. ^__^

Okay enough of my boring life, you guys don't really care that much. >_< Don't lie.

You know..I really don't know what I want to talk about tonight yet..*gasp* a shocker!

well, wierd weather for one. XD It's raining..it's snowing..la la la make up your mindddd..and I've had a hot chocolate fetish the last few days too.

Shiver me timbers! what the heck does that mean?! Someone PLEEASSEEEE telll meee..;_;

Oh, but while I'm here, I might as well ask you guys a favor, everyone, since we're all so proud of ourselves, give yourself a thumbs up, now, look at your thumb from the side, is it slanted back or straight up and down? I musttt knoowwww....;_;

(I have mutant thumbs, it's unfortunate)

My friends cat has thumbs. Just thought you might like to know. They look like little kitty mittens.

which reminds me of a book I read once when I was like 6. XD It was a really good book..with some naughty kitties who got their dress clothes dirty and made their mommy mad. I think the bad one was named tom. Which sounds a lot like tim. But I don't know why I said that. XD

we also had our spring show with choir this week. which was tons of fun. they always are..sometimes I really love my choir, and sometimes I really hate them, in truth, we're kinda the misfit choir, we sing good, but the people in it..eheh..well. it makes for a fun day, at least you won't get bored.

Which kinda reminds me, everyone goes off on a hissy and complains when their lives are really busy and all this stuff is happening and blah blah little tommy broke his leg and cindy found out her bf cheated on her, but the moment all's calm..they all whine about how boring their lives are!

OMG PEOPLE!!! If your life is boring, you better be creative and do something about it, and if it's eventful, enjoy the good stuff, and learn from the bad stuff. -_-

which kinda goes with that whole "don't eat the yellow snow" deal..

Who used to eat the snow when they were little? I know I did. And boy, XD was it good.

We used to dig tunnels through it too..I think I got stuck one time and it collapsed on me though. ;_; what a poor tormented child I was, having to deal with things like..snow..and..beach vacations in the summer..*sighs* some people just have it so hard, you have to slow down and appreciate yours. ^_-

Anyways, this is going no where fast, I should just eat my stupid computer and get it over with.

Only then the only thing I would be able to say would probably be "you've got mail." o joy, what a world it is.

but tomorrow, *gasp* me and a random bunch of other girlsies are spending the night at red's house in a *secret* mission to hook one kewl little sister up with one little brother.

*basks in her genious* oh, and we're good. ^_-

Sledding at Red's house is almost as scary as sledding at mine, and that's saying something. XD We call the hill behind my house suicide hill because it kinda is. you have trees, and a random metal pole sticking out of the ground to miss, and this HUGE boulder at the bottom that I've thought looked like a dinosaur head sticking out of the earth ever since I moved here ages ago. It's even got little cupholders, complimentary, carved into it. I swear we didn't put those there, it's just the way the rock is, and miraculously erosion has evolved the perfect place to put your rootbeer while you're running around out-back.

*shrugs* and you all say there's no such thing as destiny eh?


*yawn* I think I do better with these on saturday nights, sunday doesn't feel right..

*touching sunday* ah yesss..yessss..sunndaayy..

but no, saturday.

I'm insane, I should get myself checked for being bipolar or something, I'm really not kidding. >_<

*silence steps into office*

*doctor looks at silence* please turn around miss, and walk out right now, we don't want any trouble.

*silence, with big shining eyes* cookie..?

*doctor* umm..wtf?

*silence* AND NOW YOU DIEEE BWA HA HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORLDD IS MINEEE!!! *skins doctor alive*

oh yes..yes..*strokes cat*

I would very much like a kittly critter, yes indeed. I think it'd make a fine rug beside my bed, one of those white ones..yeah..

oh my. I think my consiousness is trying to tell me I have a fatal obsession with skinning things alive.

Am I a bad person?

Oh well. I hope you all have a really good night, and for the record, I love kitties, not in soup, not as rugs, or mops, or bait for that bear I know lives behind my house..just..kitties.

Arg! But have a good week, and enjoy it! Smilleeee people!! XO And don't forget to tell me what shape your thumb is in!!! XO (because I really do care. -_-)

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Saturday. And we're all still alive.
Isn't that a funny thought? I mean, technically, everything could go wrong, I could fail in everything I strive for..and at the end of the day me heart would still be beating. Humm. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. >_<

Anyways, hey guys! Silence here, to give her cynical report on the world, as usual. Only tonight, I think I'll just be me if you don't mind. ^_^ I'm too tired to put on a show and I'm sick of acts.

I think I'm bipolar, to warn you beforehand. XD and I'm sorry, you really don't have to read this, it's more for me to say than for you to read, so it doesn't matter.

But, if you really care. ( a small percent) We can start with school. It's funny, because people will ask me how things are, school, homework, toothpaste, life in general, and I'll answer, and they'll say "Oh, I know, sorry." No! Don't you dare say that to me! With the exception of probably Red, no you do not know! (and if you really did care, you'd be able to see that school is only putting a face on my problems and that's not really it.) And I really hate acts, I should know. >_< ech.

But I was going to talk about school wasn't I? I have so much somework it's not even really physically possible to do..and for three days next week, and after we get back from break, we have CSAP (CRAP if you ask me) testing, and this year, we start at the normal time, and have classes afterwards. >_< Including homework. And you know, I guess I shouldn't whine, because my school didn't "say" to take all the hard classes..only, they did, just not with their words. But too late.

So I kinda threw in the towell this week and watched some movies instead. BECAUSE, even should I do nothing, and come to school the next day unprepared..I'd survive.

I report, that Two For The Money, is really..hard to deal with, but really good. Just Like Heaven is sweet and touching and almost made me believe in happy endings..and I watched Elizabethtown, hah, that was great! mmmm..watch them.

And! I went for a walk today, a nice long one. Only I forgot how hard it was snowing outside and my face kinda froze off. XD But you know, it's like, you have to do things like that to yourself almost so you can remember that you're alive. What is it if you can't feel anything? And sometimes good things just don't go deep enough to feel.

Ah, and to drive the point home, I really love my dog! My parents told me that he got in a fight with this dopey golden up the street and beat the crap out of him, and this little yappy (crappy) dog barked up the wrong tree and blizzy tried to eat him. *sighs* so I forgot to feed him this morning!

Just kidding..But..he had the little dog pinned down in like 2 seconds, little neck in his jaws, twisted to the ground. >_< He let go, of course. no harm done..only showing the hot air balloon who's boss. My dog..lol..he looks like a wolf, he acts like a wolf. Please don't mess with him if you're a little critter. But he'd never hurt me, or really anyone else, but for dogs pick fights, and he fights back. ^_^; ah well.

Enough on my phsycotic dog, who else is disturbed yet? Well, consider it a reward for actually reading this. ^_^ It's the only chance I get to say how I feel. You know, one time, a girl asked me how things were going, and I said, "alright, my mom just had brain surgery but she's getting better." and she just smiled stupidly and said "cool!" She hadn't even heard me, hadn't even bothered to listen to what I was saying.

I do believe there is a fine art to having a conversation with someone, without really paying attention to anything they say, and yet still managing to appear drawn in, and like you totally are interested in their life. But that's just it! YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU CARE!! If you're going to talk to me just to be polite, you better fool me.

Arg. People. It's sickening..I mean, even those who say they are good (and may be) will be like, oh, I am going to reach out a hand to those in need..ah lookit me reaching out, and something else will catch their attention, and they'll breeze away, the said person just left there.
If you're gonna start something, you better finish it.

After all, what's charity if it's not convenient to the charitable?

But..humm..I guess the interesting thing is, that unlike all the disney movies, there is no black and white, no good and evil. People are all just that, people. With human intentions and human desires and human flaws..it's all grey. no matter how hard you try.

Who thinks I should stop being philosophical and do my biology? Ah, don't worry, I will. I've been compelled to do all my homework and be a perfectionist too long to stop doing it now. It's like it's encoded in my brain. pathetic. look at what a slave I am.

But at least we'll be on break soon. But it's not reeaalllyyy a beak, jusr more time to do homework, right?

Okay, for some good news, our family spends a few weeks in the carribean every summer (othewise we'd all shoot ourselves) and we booked our trip this week. ^__^ I'm, VERY drawn to the beach, and the ocean in general. You know why? It's because it's the only place in the world where it's possible to leave this one. If you're like me..There's something about being able to dive down where no one else can reach you, and for a minute or two, you've successfully left your world and entered a different one. It's amazing. and there's nothing like it.

Oh, but then there's jellyfish. It's not like in spongebob where getting stung is like getting stung by a bee..oh no. >_< Lucky spongebob. Well, there's different kinds, some will kill you, some won't. XD But it was like getting a bucket of fire poured on me. And it sucked. But I still love the little suckers! lol. Still like to pet them..

And enough of that, I'm already beach sick. This really is getting long..well, if you read it and cared, thanks. And maybe you learned something about me worth knowing. I hope so, at least. ^_^

You all have a fantastic week! And if you're on break, enjoy it! Get out for some fresh air, sun! (even if it's snowing)
You're still alive so smile. *I'm a hypocrite*

See ya!

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

waah wah wah wah wah..*singing along like a dork*
Ahhh..disney songs..gotta lovem.
SO! Greeting fellow wanderers of the night! Or morning, or day, or whatever time it may be.

How was your week? Alive, kicking? still got ten fingers and nine toes? Ahhh..*counts toes* oh dear. I'm a mutant. I appear to have ten.

Anyways, what a week it was. The school part was..actually..really fun. but, I have so much homework I'm tempted to glue myself to a tree up on the hill and smear honey all over my face. XD COME AND GET ME YOU BLOODSUCKERS!!!

wah. anyways. what happened..humm..I'm officially obsessed with my dog. XD Since I went and saw Eight Below. Anyone else seen it? Well my doggie looks JUST LIKE the white one, only with deep blue eyes. *sniffle* I loves em. *tear*

*chews on blizzy's ear* you're so yummy yes you are!!! :D

Oh, and I have to say, should any of you feel driven to leave interesting comments in the future..GIVE THEM TO REDTIGRESS!!! SHE SO STARTED IT I SWEAR!!! I think we should all go leave her vulgar comments in thanks to show how much we appreciate her, hmm? Ba ha ha. And I'm still gonna get you.

Ahem. now then. where were we. oh yes! So I went to clockwork faerie and superdancer1992's house for clockwork faerie's 16th birthday party. ^_^ That was a lot of fun, especially bowling.

There was this little girl, like 3, and I normally don't like kids, but god, I wanted to hide her under my jacket and take her with me. XD No kidding.

Arg! Back to clockwork faerie's party! I saw the phantom of the opera movie for the first time, I'd only seen live versions before, and it was interesting to see how different it was.

And you guys are right! XO Rauol or whatever, he's a PANSEY!!! *throws muffins* grr. they're all stupid except the phantom and they should all DIE!! *huff huff* heh. sorry.

Now we know what side I'm on. XD

Waahhhhh darknneessss phanttoommm I SO WOULD'VE PICKED HIM!! lol.

ah well. doesn't matter. I'll just go sit in my chamber of darkness ALL BY MYSELF!! *sings barney songs*

I love you..you love me..we're a happy family..

Argheethh. no more of that. So I did some bio, and I have sooo much to do still. ;_; And we definatly did some innnnteresting stuff this week. life is wierd.

I like muffins tonight. and pears. and orange juice. and girl scout cookies. and tight black pants. yep.

*chokes on a muffin*

muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffiiiinnnnnnn..

oh, and actually. I totally don't spend any time thinking about these nowadays. I get on saturday night, and I let my fingers type whatever in the world they want to.

(which hasn't gotten me in any trouble yet but mark my words..>_<)

I'm known for my random comments in the wrong place at the wrong time that seem to morph into something else.

I love macadamian nut cookies.

I really do.

And now I shall go. Sweet dreams of sugar plums and nuclear warfare. enjoy the rest of your weekend. ^_^

(that was short! What the heck is wrong with me?!)

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another week another few million braincells gone. -_-
History. that's right. You know that braincells are the only cells that your body can't replace? So technically, once you lose them you can't get them back. XD Sucks especially bad for me. trust me. -_-

ah where are my manners?!

GREETINGS PEOPLE OF THE NIGHT!! (if it's day right now, it's always dark in silence's place so live with it.) XD

So. my week. okay. well. this was fun. >_< not. well, friday kinda was till I stole redtigress's chopsticks and she sent rin and damien after me to pull them out of my shirt. OMG. NO FAIR! (obviously I surrendered) *scarred for life* I'll get you red..you'll see..*evil wicked grin*

And! and and and! NiTIKIA!! The violent little meanie. SHE RUINED MY POOR JAW AND NOW IT DOESNT WORK!! We were standing outside friday, and I was going to blurt something out that she didn't want other people to hear, and she clamped her hand over my mouth. so being the neanderthal I am, I bit her hand. she twisted, my jaw twisted with it. it sounded like this, "POP!" uh oh. Silence goes "AHHH OMG ITS BROKEN!! I'M GONNA DIEE!!!!!!"

and I didn't. --__-- wow lookit that. but! It still like, won't move right..and it makes this wierd popping noise if I try and open my mouth wide and it hurts. *sniffles* Nitikia, you'll pay for your wicked deeds too.

so who else notices that I always seem to be pushing my luck when something happens to me?! XD

Oh! And there was a remarkable character that evolved out of the depths of my insanity called Banana Bob. Yeah. he exploded though so no more bob.

ahem anyways. -_- enough about that. the rest of my week was crazy and I don't want to think about it. XD

OH! I totally almost forgot! Silence got contacts!! XO omg. someone please tell me that it gets easier to put them in after some time?! *sighs* now, I have to get up an HOUR earlier for school until I get it! *weak noises of torment* as if I already didn't have to get up at 5 30!! wah.

SO the eye dude was like, "coaching" me for an hour as I was trying to get them in, and tears were just like, running down my face, it was so embarrassing I swear I wasn't crying because I was upset!! XO


ahem just kidding. so I got it figured out, and I'm happy. only, dreading tomorrow morning when I have to do it all over again.

Mmm..I was pretty dissapointed with the world this week though..it's pretty easy to lose faith in humanity nowadays..so I wrote a poem! XD yay poetry! Well, not really. *sigh* I'm thinking maybe it only makes things worse..

arg. I want to be in this top choir chantons at my school so bad, but I have to do an advanced tryout for it in a few weeks, and I'm totally sad. there are so many people more talented than me, I just really wish that she sees that I'm set apart because it's not like, oh, I'm so talented I'm going to get into chantons and just sing..but, I may not be the best, but there's nothing I want more to be a part of that choir. and if only she knew that I would be the most passionate dedicated singer she'd ever seen because all I want to do is sing, and I'd give it my all... but it doesn't work that way. ;_; Instead, I do scales and sight reading (the second of whick really sucks) and sing a song of my own..yay..

ARGH! why can there not be a way for her to see who REALLY cares about making the choir good the most?!

And, because I'm a slacker and didn't do it last night..yes..my perverted biology is waiting for its dues tonight..ehhehh..*looks nervous*

me and mu bio book go a looong way back. it goes like this. it wants my soul, I want my homework neatly printed and sensable.

*says the loser who sells her soul to the horrid bio book every night in return for its secrets of the world*

oh, who wants to learn something?! (not us says the cow!) finee..;_; I won't tell you all about my resessive gene theory with people who have glasses..it really fascinates me. lol. I'll have to ask about it on monday..

*hugs biology book* ANYTHING FOR YOU MASTER!!

oh dear..>_< It's starting to corrupt me with its ways..

oh, and just for a news flash, I think I had a dream about whales and swimsuits. and really tall treehouses that I fell out of. and there might have been a monkey too. But that's not important! (me and monkeys also have a history)

As in I used to be one before the zoo auctioned me to the highest bidder. ^_-
Yes. that is my deep dark secret. I am a highly educated primate that writes all the standardized tests you guys have to take. BAH HAH HAH HAH!!! NOW WE SHALL WRITE A QUESTION ABOUT THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF PRUNE JUICE IN THE STOMACH OF A HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!

well that would suck pretty bad.

hey I guess this is getting long again. which is a real shame because I like doing this..a lot..*sniffles* oh well.

Biology Book, my love, shall we dance?

**and they did. THE END**

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   My week on crack, and shrooms, and lots of other goodies.
Yep. well. not really. but it seemed like it half the time..I swear it really did. So who wants to hear some fun stuff?!

Last night, RedTigress, Clockworkfairie, her sister, and DarkDesertRose and I spent the night at Nitikia's house. it was..crazy to say the least.

So! At like 10 30 we were playing truth or dare, and it's in the negative degrees outside, and snow on the ground. I get picked..and like..I ALWAYS pick dare because the truth is too hard. XD so I get dared to go out in the snow, dressed as I am, (barefoot with pj pants and a tank top that hardly counted as a shirt) to go make a snow angel out in front.

Okay fine.

So that was really cold..but..better than a truth question. ^__- Never mind the shaking for an hour..cold is..umm..fun. yes fun. *teeth chatter*


But it was so fun..because we did all SORTS of fun things..like sardines in the dark, and everyone is just like, really fun entertaining people so it worked out..mmhmm.

Oh, and we played this game that Clockworkfairie (genious) suggested, where each person writes a sentence to a story, and then you pass it down, and fold the persons sentence above yours, so each person can only see the sentence above the one they write, and it gets horribly funny..here's one of them. XD

The moonlit night was dark and foggy, and eerily a lark called out in the distance. The girl froze in her tracks when she heard a rustle in the leaves to her right. She was so scared that she ran into a cherry bush. The cherries in the bush started crying and exploded. Since the cherries exploded, there were no more left. Oh no! A cherry shortage! And suddenly, all the people in the world had to eat strawberry sundaes instead. No!! Not strawberry!! I'm allergic to strawberry!! Why not chocolate?! BECAUSE!!! That was a good enough reason, so then everyone sat around and ate bread, the end.

Yeah that got wierd really fast. *shrugs* but it was nothing compared to some of them. *giggle*

Yep, that was fun.

And then! I got home and fell asleep for 6 hours and got up and couldn't figure out what the heck happened because I dreamed a month went by. >_< Actually, it was pretty sick and twisted.

oh well! :D We LIKE sick and twisted! riighttt..?
Right? *sharpens knife* of course you all agree with everything I say mmmm? ^__^ Pears knows what happens when you dissagree.

So, I ACTUALLY don't really know what to say tonight..I'm really tired. *yawn* but!!


I actually got like..all of my homework done thursday night..and we didn't have school on friday. *angels sing and the clouds part and a holy light shineth down*

Hallleluiah..said michael jackson.

oh dear. >_< Run away!! *runs very fast*

So I can't whine about my perverted biology book tonight..I gave it payment already. *sigh* glad to have it over with.

Okayyy..*siigh* *dramatic sad violin plays in backround* Dammit I thought I ate that thing last time..IT NEVER ENDDSSSSS!!! AHHHH!!!!!!

All alooneee..there's no one here..to guide meeeee...la la la la..just me and my..feet..juice..ummm..yeah..

that's not how the song goes. -_- so sue me.

Oh but I forgot to say! I'm really peeved because there was a piece of broken glass in my room, and I stepped on it and cut my foot, and now I have to wrap it up in that stupid gauze so I don't get carpet fuzz in it..among other problems.


the muppets..were here..*scary music* they want my brains..and..my blood..and..my feet..*gasp*

Don't lettem take me ALIIVEEE!!!! ;0; I'm very scared. *tear*

If I'm not here next week, you'll all know why. *gulp*

I can see it in the headlines now.."DEATH BY MUPPETS: Innocent girl slaughtered in her bed by Kermit the Frog." Where will they strike next?

On a scale of one to ten..how would you rate the absurdity of my imagination? XD I give me a 9..it could be worse. At least I don't run around in tights with underwear on top screaming "THE TREES ARE TALKING THE TREES ARE TALKING!!!!"

Or maybe I did that last week. but who cares?! ^_-

I should probably stop rambling now..I hope you guys enjoy your monday off, have a GREAT weekend, and have lots of fun, and fun..stuff..like that. >_< yep!

Laters everyone!

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