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Saturday, October 28, 2006

   I don't know anymore
Most of the songs on the new Nickelback cd remind me of my boyfriend. There was a number of times last night just listening to it I thought I was going to cry. Even right now as I listen to it I think that I'm going to start to cry. I just want to find a corner and cry my eyes out. The only people that can get me to calm down are my boyfriends friends. They have taken me in even before we started going out. Ok only two out of the three have, but the 3rd one is opening up and taking me in. So I'm not just in their group because I'm going out with one of their best friend. I'm there for that reason and that they want me to be there. Although I know if I fuck up with the relastionship I'm dead to the world. But I would never do that to him though. I love him too much to fuck this up. Ja, I've had other crushes, but all of them turned out to be "your a cool person, your just like one of the guys." I've had more then my fill on that. I don't want to be one of the guys. I feelings too, and it always came to me being one of the guys. I guess that is what you get for being one of the few female gamers out there. It drives me nuts, men need to over look that skill and see how they are as a person and not as a gamer.
Ok, I think I ranted on too long now. Forgive me, its just a late night kicking in and also the Nickelback cd too.

Take care everyone.
~little Schultzie

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