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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   I know my mom is going to do something
My mom is going to parent teacher con. for one thing and one thing only. She wants to know why the fuck I'm getting a D- in government. Its the one class that I need to pass in order to graduate from the hell hole high school I'm at. Its the test that always get me. I was never one for doing test anyways. But we can have cheat sheets to help us on the test and I never did one till today for the test that we had. Seeing how easy the test was I think I'm going to keep making them. The homework is easy most of the time so its not like I don't do the homework for that class. Its the test thats all it is. I'm sure J will back me up on that.
Anyways, wish me luck if my mom thinks that I shouldn't be on the internet till on done with the first semester. I hope to God that she doesn't. I could always get her and say that I have to find some pictures to do for art though. I know that would never work though.
Anyways, I've done more then I should.

See ya
~little Schultzie

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