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Monday, September 4, 2006

   More ranting from the younger Schultzie. (Sorry John (aka schultzie) but I had to do the real name.)
I had two crazy dreams, both of them about my boyfriend which is really crazy. The one dream made me want him here more then normal, but yet again what is normal to me?? I'm thinking you guys are starting to hate me because every thing is of my boyfriend. To me this is something new to me that I have never had before. This is new ground that I am walking on. He has had another girlfriend other then me, but to him this is the one that really does feel right to him. I have had other crushes yes, but none of them took me for me, they wanted the one that looked the best, some one that if they whent out with that they would feel like the king of the world with. Yet some did like me for personality, but they thought of me as one of the guys. Ja, I know that I have two older brothers that treat me like an equal, but I do have that girly side that likes to show up now and then. One of my friends thinks she can be that tomboy forever, but I know it will not last that long, you would want to move away from that now and then. She sees that I am sliping to the "dark side" but I still act like a tomboy now and then. The video games will always stay, because of the boyfriend and the brothers, so its a never ending thing.

Anyways, sorry for going on like that I had to say what was on my mind and that was killing me for the longest time.

See ya later
~the young schultzie

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