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Friday, August 11, 2006

   I'm lost??
Why do guys always run when you tell them that you are taken?? Even if they are taken themselves why do they want every girl they talk to be single?? But when I talk to my boyfriends friends they think of me as part of their group?? Plus I never did that to my boyfriend when he was still going out with some one. I treated him as a friend and nothing more then that. Its as if guys want you there so that if they need some one to turn to that is not taken to go out with them so that they have a fall back to get into another relashionship to make their ex's mad at them. But what they should really know is that no one will ever change even if they are going out. I should know, my boyfriend has not changed me in anyway, nor will I change him.
Anyways, I could go on about that all day if I wanted to. But I will not to save you all from the Schultz's questions that could kill any one. Not really, but that is how I see them as. Lets see here, its been almost a month that Flame Alchemist29 and I have been going out, and no one knew...ish.
Well that is all from me.

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