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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   Fruits Basket Quizes.
Which Fruits Basket Guy Loves You? (girls only) by animegirl529
Zodiac Sign
Hair Color
Eye Color
Favorite Color
Your guy is...Yuki
Who is jealous...Ayame
How you met...In your room
Why he loves you...Your personality
Your relationship will last...Forever
How much he loves you...100% (Wow thatís good)
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What Will Happen When You Discover the Sohma's Secret? (Fruits Basket) (Girls Only Please) by XShadowxBladeX
Who You Bumped Into:Hatsuharu Sohma (Ox)
Who Told:Hatori
What Does Akito Say About It:"I... see."
Where You Stay:A Hotel
Who Is Your Best Friend:Hiro
Who Comforts You Most:Ritsu
Who Secretly Loves You:Hatsuharu
Will Akito Erase Your Memories:No
What Happens Afterward:Akito lets you keep your memories, and you and the person who loves you secretly live happily.
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~Fruits Basket~ Your role in the Sohma Family.(recomended for girls) by The_Assi
Favorite Animal
Favorite color
Your loverShigure
Your best friendHatsuharu
Your rivalKyo
Your roomateMomiji
Secret admirerAyame
Secret haterRin
What they think of you overallYou make their lives fun.
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