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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

   Me pissed.
I don't know what was going through my friends mind yesterday when she did this but it is still pissing me off. She drew on a picture of mine that took me at least 5 hours to do!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the few that I did really good on too. It was a Inuyasha picture. I was hoping to use that for a college that I was hoping to get into too. Then this morning when must of the group has found out about it, I showed them all the picture, the could see where it was on the picture. She looked over my shoulder and said" look its the picture I drew on!!!". I gave her the stare of death and so did every one in the group that I hang out with. They tolder how long I spent on that pcture and that I was hoping to use it far the fair and for college. She did not say anything. She might think that it was all fun and games, but to me that sceach book is my life. It is also my hope of getting into college for animation and video game desining.
I'm shuning her and another friend of mine who told her to do that. She is blocked from my msn right now.
See ya later.

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