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Monday, January 30, 2006

   Clue less ( that is not hard for me to get to.)
I'm still lost for a name for my new cow. He is only a few days old right now. So he is getting used to drinking from a bucket, with my help. This is not the fun part of rasing a cow at like 4 or 5 days old. Haru is doing great. Always hunger, which doesn't supprize in in the least. He is abou 3 or 4 weeks old right now.
I got a pic. of one of my friends Army grad. pic. He is still of a school yet. As for the one in the Navy, he is in Iraq right now. I hope he is alright. As long as there is no attactes he should be home in April some time.
For me in the military, I'm still looking to get into the Reseves for the Army. Every one is supporting me to get in. The only people that are not is some of my friends here in MI. They fear the worse is going to happen to me if I do get in. The think front line and every thing. Me only a one day work a month with a pay of over $600, with college paid by the government.
Well, I'll see ya later.

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