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Sunday, June 24, 2007

   I know I know...its been forever
I've been busy through out the year because with this school year being my last and all. So I had open houses to go to, as well with mine. So right now I'm looking at getting a laptop in a few days, hopefully Monday after my doctor app. Yes, my back is still giving me a run for my money, but its better then what it was after I fell. Its to the point were I don't even feel it right now. It will be a year that my boyfriend and I have been going out next month!! I'm so happy that we made it that far, I'm hoping for many more with him. I'm also looking to move out of the house soon too. I'm going to move in with a good friend of mine, she is like a sister to me and we hardly ever fight.
Well, I think that is it.
see you all soon


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