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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   More Sol Badguy!!!!!

Hey Guys! Shuichi Again! Or Should We Say Sol?
Well Heres Some Pics Of Sol Doing Some Of His Special Moves!

I Like This One Alot! One Of My Favorites!

This One Is Also Very Fascinating! I Love This Move! I Use It All The Time!

And This Is One Of His Upward Arial Moves!
Well Thats It! I Hope You Enjoyed! Bye Every One!

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   Guilty Gear For Ever

Hello Every one! This Is Shuichi Shindou Speaking! This Will Be My Official Guilty Gear WebPage! My Other WebPage Is SkyeRainOfSorrow! I'll Be Posting A New Character Every Week Or Two! And Guess Whos Week It Is?

Awww! Isn't He So Sexy? Even They Guys Can't Help But To Fall For Him! Isnt That Right? Now Now! Dont Lie! Its Nothing To Be Embarresed about!

I Really Like This Picture Of Sol! Ha Ha! Hes Kinda Cute In Pink! Dont You Think?

Well Thats It For Today! I'll Do Somemore Pictures Of Our Sol Another Day!

Bye Every One!

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