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hey every one! thanks for coming by my site! its not all that good but hey! who cares!? just sign my guestbook and comment! bye guyz!

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Sorry Im Late and TESTAMENT

hi every one! i havent been on here for a while! i guess i never really had time to do more characters! ive been under alot of stress lately... *sigh* but sinse i feel all dark and gloomy today i'll do testament! he'll lightne up my day! ^^

oh i just love this little thing to death! ^^

y'know i tried to find testaments outfit for my gaia character...

but it didnt quite work *sobs*

i like doing testaments burst

no... i am not perverted just amuzed... i think its funny... >.>

well thats it! sorry its short! i have to get off the compy so...
but heres a testament cosplay! ja ne every one!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   Millia Rage

Hey every one! long time no see! this week im going to start off as Millia rage! This is for you derenzo! you betta be happy! and if any one else wants a certain character to see just pm me! okay here we go!

these are Millias winning acts! and some of my favorites too!

and this is her respect move! i like this one alot! ^^

When i play as Millia Rage i usually use these attacks (unless if my power bar is full i use my special attacks like crazy)

well thats it for today! i'll try to get some next time! (but im grounded so i dont know how its ganna work out...)

and sol says bye!

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   repsect, wins, and loses

Hi guys! whats up? okay heres some more sol! ha! of course what else? well heres sol doing one of his respect moves! its one of my favorites! -heart-

and this is him when he wins a fight!

This is hime Before he fights

and this is him when he loses... er.. when time is up... or when his power up attack wears off

i like this one personally! he looks so helpless and defenceless! i just wanna hold him for eternity! but i cant cuz i will never betray testament! *wink*

well thats it for today! i hope you enjoyed!
till next time!

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