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Friday, April 6, 2007

After reading the story rain made up. I was interested in making a story of my own. Also it kinda helped with me being very bored yesterday. Well this is what i have so far. Tell me what you guys think^^


It had been a normal day; there was nothing very special about it…..until nightfall came. “Why.., why did this happen? Of all nights WHY?!” “………Cloud……come on Cloud just pull through…….Cloud please” “…….A..Ace is that you?” “....Cloud”. “Cullen, she’s finally awake”. “How’s her condition”? “Hold on…..Cloud can you tell me what happened to you”? “The only thing that I can remember is that I was walking through the forest, when some beast attacked me I lost all consciousness, and I guess I awoke because of you Ace”. “She said that she was attacked”. “But there’s not a single scratch on her”. “Maybe something else happened to her, but she’s not telling us everything”. “Nevertheless we’ll keep a close eye on her; Chances are this might just happen again”.
“How long has it been”? “About five hours”. “Okay, your shifts up”. “Aster come here, it’s your turn to watch Cloud”. “Okay brother”. “Let me just check on her real quick”. ……. “She’s gone”. “Cloud…..Cloud”. “Look brother the window, it’s broken; like someone—“Or something broke in”. “Ace, go get Caleb and Jared”. “We’re going on a hunt”.
“Quick this way, we can still pick up her scent; she hasn’t gotten too far”. “Brother, look! Up ahead” “Cloud!” “Wait, what’s happening to her”? “There’s some kind of monsters surrounding her”. “LET GO OF MY BABY SISTER! YOU MONSTER”! “Caleb, no wait”. “CALEB”! “YOU’RE MINE”! “HHIIYYAAAAHHHH” “Caleb, look out”. “Wha?” “BROTHER!” “Cloud….Cloud…..Cloud……..” “Ace, Jared go get Caleb. And be quick about it” “Yes, Brother”. “Aster, you come with me. We need to rescue our baby sis no matter what it takes”. “TAKE THIS”. “Nice one Aster, fight off the pack I’ll handle their leader”. “You monster, give her back…., GIVE HER BACK OR I’LL KILL YOU”! “Sorry Cullen, but that’s not going to happen”. “For she is one of us now”. “Wait, what do you mean “she is one of us now” and how do you know my name”? “Oh dear Cullen if you only knew…..BWAHAHAHAHA……” “Brother he disappeared”. “Brother,…..brother”! “Ugh wha, what happened?”… “CLOUD”. “ARG”. “Brother you mustn’t move or your wounds will open up”. “Cloud, where’s Cloud”? “She’s over there, but brother—“But what? My wounds are nothing compared to what she had to go through”. “Brother stay down”. “Ugh let me go”. “Caleb, hold him down so I can give him this”. “Let me go, Caleb if you know what’s best for you you’d get off of me and—“There we go, that shot I just gave him should knock him out for like an hour or so”. “Shot, but why a shot brother”? “Don’t worry there’s no harm in it”. “In the meantime help me tie him down before he wakes up, we have to make sure that he stays in bed for at least a day to fully recover”. “And if I don’t recall he wasn’t the only one who got wounded”. “Brother why are you looking at me like that, and why do you have several shots in your hand”? “No brother wait you must reconsider I wasn’t hurt that badly—“Thanks guys, now help me put him into his bed”. “Brother”? “Yeah Ace”. “Weren’t you hurt during the fight to”? “Don’t worry about me, I’ve already given myself some medicine so I should be fine”. “Now, let’s all get some sleep”. “Goodnight guys”. “Goodnight brother”.

I haven't come up with a title for it, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to p.m. me^^ Thank you for reading!

psychotically yours

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

JHC County Fair
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Well there it is the finished product. This was my entry for our county fair art contest. They were judged this past Friday, so since I'm a last minute person for everything I decided to work on it Thursday. And because I did it on Thursday I couldn't come up with anything to draw, so I spent all day trying to come up with something good. I tried drawing deer, horses, u know western stuff, but they just seemed to not come out right and then it hit me "I'll just draw Wolf's Rain". So by the time I thought about the idea it was already 1:00 am. In the end I ened up pulling an all nighter and I finished the drawing at around 8:30 am, just 30 minutes before the due deadline. Well it was worth it I got 1st and I ended up selling it for about 80 bucks and plus all the add-ons they give everyone it'll proly total to about 200 some..So thats pretty much what happened over my weekend...how was your alls weekend? I guess i'll ttygl^^ *howls*

Psychotically yours

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


What is your wolf personality...?

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!^^XD
it's finally the day....THE DAY ME AND MY FRIENDS GO TO THE ROCKSTAR TASTE OF CHAOS... YES!!!!....WE GET TO SEE JARED LETO!!!!^^i've been waiting so long for this and now only a couple of hours remain...let's see it's 3:20 AM right now only.....14 more hours to go lol....well anyway to pass the time i'm watching movies on youtube and stuff....w0o0o0o0o0o0o i can't wait! well ttygl i'm gonna go to bed....

working on:
Trade with Rukiawolf (im almost finished with it^^)

psychotically yours

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hells Yeah!! I'm goin to THE TASTE OF CHAOS CONCERT in only 12 more days....i can't wait to go!!! Hey does anyone else have anything exciting like a concert or something coming up soon? Well if ya do i hope you all have fun^^ TTYGL!

Psychotically yours

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Wo0o0o0oo todays my birthday!!!!!!!!!
happy b-day to me lol....alot of crazy n wild things happened to me today but if i were to type it it would take forever^^ lol neway how have u guys been? any new things happen in your life?........ok well i'll ttygl

psychotically yours

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

wo0o0o tomorrow is are yearly christmas parade and festival..but the best part bout it is theres gonna be a band party n alot of tournaments..some of them are dance dance revolution n guitar hero on the PS2 halo on the x-box n madden 07 n the 5 sports games on the nintendo wii..i cant wait til tomorrow^^..well talk to u all later to tell u how i did^^
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

sorry ppl im workin on my site so if u've come im srry that there was nothing there. i have no idea when it'll be ready....so yeah.
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