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Monday, December 31, 2007

A Happy New Year
Konban wa! Eh.. it's been a while ^^;;
I wanted to make a new layout, (Something really spectacular X3)
but I don't really have time right now, so it's just back to this~

Well... It's been a good year. (A fast one, but...) Lots of Tales X3
I played Phantasia, Legendia, Symphonia, and Abyss.. and I'm currently playing Radiant Mythology. (I got it for my birthday) It's really fun ^^x
Um, but I don't just play Tales games all the time. Really ^^;;
Alot of other things happened this year, too. I won't go into detail, but thinking back on everything.. even though there's things I'd rather not remember, I'd still say that it was a really good year ^_^

This year may not have been the best for you, but there's still plenty of days ahead for things to turn around, right? Here's hoping that next year is just as good, if not even better than this one!
Take care and Happy New Year! ^_^x

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