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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just thought it was about time for an update.. ^^'

Last month, I played Tales of Symphonia for the second time, and then yesterday, I started my second playthrough of Tales of the Abyss ^_^ Every time I try to play a game on the PS2, I have some kind of problem with the memory card... but it always works out :)

I was just thinking it would be fun to turn my site into an Abyss log X3
But I probably won't do that, seeing as I already started playing and it might take a while to change my layout. And would anyone wanna read it anyway? XD Although, even if no one did, it would still be fun ^^

I just saw the trailer for ToS: Knights of Ratatoask! (It's here) It looks so great~ I really like the characters from what I know about them, and the battle system seems alot like Abyss. It looks really fun :D

I also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to cutepresea!
And... I guess that's all. (I don't know when I'll update again..) See ya!
Take care~ ^_^=

Luke and Tear

my current party :D

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August!
Time sure does fly...

I just wanted to stop by to say Happy anniversary to MyOtaku! :D It's been four whole years! Congrats to everyone who's stuck around this long!

Also, my layout is currently- somewhat- under construction, so please don't mind it ^^' Ehehe, I was trying to just have a box for my intro, but somehow, all my posts ended up inside it, too ; Well, you can see my background better this way.. but I'll keep working on it ^^'

Well, it's late.. Sorry for the short post~
Take care, everyone! Oyasumi ^_^x

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Arigato! ^_^x
Thank you so much, minna! I'm so happy to hear from you all again! Every time I read your comments, I wonder why I don't update more often ^_^

Well, I did'nt get too far trying to change my layout.. I seem to have lost my picture editing program, and could'nt finish the one I was working on.
So now I have an unfinished layout here XD; Maybe I'll just dig up one of my old ones.. (So some of you might remember it) ^^'

Oh! ((How could I forget?) We got a new kitten yesterday!
His name is Cloud Strife X3 (But we just call him Cloud. After, of course, Cloud from FF7 ^^) He's small and black, with white feet and a white chin. He gets spooked easily and hides alot, but as soon as you pick him up, he gets really friendly and starts purring. He's so cute ^^=

Oh, and yesterday was also Sasuke's birthday! XD
Happy late birthday, Sasuke-kun! ^^

Okay, well, that's about all I guess. Have a great day, everyone!
Take care ^_^x

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Friday, July 20, 2007

I-I'm sorry!! ///
I really am v_v; I didn't mean to make it seem like I left forever and was'nt coming back.. cause I would never do that! In fact, I come here almost every day. I just.. seem to have a hard time updating >_^; Sorry, again.

But I'm here now, so...^^
...Sooo... I beat Legendia yesterday ^_^v And now.. I play another game! XD No, not now. But I do plan on playing Symphonia and Abyss again sometime soon ^^ I óż Tales games. I wonder if the sequel to Symphonia will ever be released here? It'll be a while if it is, but I really hope so! I still can't believe they're actually making one..!

I've been meaning to change my layout for so long.. ; I really like this one, but something new would be nice. Maybe. I don't know, but I'll probably be working on it for a couple days, so please don't mind it ^_^'

Well, it's kinda late.. so thanks to anyone who actually reads this!~
And thank you all for the comments on my last post! ^^

Take care~ ^_^x

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Let's fly~
To where the sky is blue
and the sea is never ending...

I wrote a song! XD Hehe, I started singing that when I was playing Abyss one time, (flying in the Albiore) and I thought of it just now ^^'

Anyway.. (That was out of nowhere XD) How is everyone?
I'm sorry I have'nt update in so long.. but I've been doing fine :D

I started playing Tales of Legendia last month~
I know it's not as good as some of the other Tales games, but I'm enjoying it; I think it's really cute ^^= I finished the main part, but I still have the Character Quests to do. I'm taking a break now though, cause I'm at my grandparents house in Ohio! (I was going to update before we left, but I did'nt have time..) But I don't mind not playing for a while, cause it's so great to be here! ^_^ I'll try to update again when I get home, (and maybe change my layout) but we'll see ^^;

Well, Take care and thanks for reading!
Ja ne! ^_^x

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Looking Up...
When the sky is blue.
I'm gonna forget everything that's pulling me down.

Thanks so much for the comments everyone! ^_^x
Ah.. I did'nt really mean to say that I thought it was a problem that all I wanna talk about is video games.. Cause, well.. it can't be helped X3
I'm glad you guys don't mind either! ^_^= ...So I will continue! XD

...I finally beat Phantasia! It does'nt really seem like it though, cause I accidentally saved over my game with a new one! I did'nt know what I was doing, so I did'nt know that would happen... Ah, I don't really know how to explain it well, but now I can't play my old game anymore... ;_; *sigh* But I guess there's no use getting upset about it now cause there's nothing I can do. At least I still have the memories, right?.. ^_^

And today I watched the Phantasia OVA. It makes (more) sense now! ^^' I can't wait for the Symphonia OVA, too! Hm, I wonder if they'll ever make one for Abyss? ..Speaking of which, DivineJudgement is starting a Tales of the Abyss fanclub, so please check it out if you're interested!

Ahh, the weather is so nice today...
Well, take care and thanks for reading! ^_^x
Tales of Phantasia
When things are easy, and when things are hard...
We'll stick together through anything

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

And again...
I think my site is getting dusty. When was the last time someone was here? XD Actually, I've been coming here almost every day.. But it's been almost two months now since I've updated.. I'm sorry ^^;;

Oh dear.. it's been even longer since I started Phantasia.. and I have'nt beaten it yet..! I really should have by now, but.. Mew-chan started playing Abyss and I have'nt been able to do (much of) anything but watch! X3 Mew-chan thinks I'm crazy ^^; But I will definetely (try to) beat it when I get the chance! And hopefully that will be soon ^_^'

Actually.. I could try to do it tonight.. Mew-chan's not even here.. But I really wanna play Abyss! So I'll probably do that instead X3 *sigh* ^^;
Beating games at night is weird anyway. (Unless it's FF9 or Crystal Chronicles, then it's normal XD Um, but that's just my opinion ^^;)

Hehe, all I wanna talk about is video games X3
Well, thank you very much to anyone who cares to read this!
Take care ^_^x
We should be T o g e t h e r
Even if I don't have a place to come back to...
It's okay because I'm not alone

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Keep On
Hello! ...I'm not dead ^^;

I can't believe I went for a whole month (And then some) without updating! (I did change my layout, but..) I'm sorry... I really do miss coming here and actually saying something. And I miss hearing from you guys. I still might not update that much, but I have'nt forgotten you!!

Let's see.. Last month.. I started playing Tales of Phantasia~ And I got a DS Lite! A pink one :3 I've also been missing Abyss terribly. I can still play it, (And I do ^^) but I've already kinda done everything. I keep thinking I want to start a second playthrough, but.. I don't think I'm quite ready to be sucked into the Abyss again yet ^^;; X3 I will definetely play again someday though ^_^ Cause how could I possibly not?

Well, I hope you're all doing okay~ Thanks for reading!
Take care ^_^x
s m i l e
It feels like I'm alone here..
But I'll smile because the sun is still shining

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

As long as you're alive..
Hello! How is everyone? ^_^

I forgot until just a little while ago that today is my three year anniversary on MyOtaku! :o So I thought I'd stop by ^^ It's hard to believe it's been three years.. It does'nt really seem like it cause I'm not here that much anymore ^^; But thanks to everyone who has stuck with me this long!

Also, I beat Tales of Abyss a few days ago ^^ It seemed really weird at first.. that it could actually be over.. because I made it take so long..
I really did'nt want it to end, so I was a little sad.. But I'm better now, and I've been playing alot lately. It's just so much fun, and there's still things I have'nt done yet. I did beat Dragon Buster though! Three times!

But as much fun as I'm having with Abyss, I do want to start playing Phantasia soon :3 I got it for Christmas and have'nt played it yet.. Call me crazy.. ^^; I just don't like to play more than one game at the same time. So I wanted to wait until I finished Abyss. But.. I don't think I'll ever really be finished with it ^_^' So I guess it does'nt matter when I start.

Well, that's all~ Take care! ^_^x
Credit for this goes to Kurot and Mitsukiame (Kana) :3
We don't have to say goodbye..
Let's go on living.. together.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm not giving up either
Hi! ^^

Sorry again for my lack of updating... I'll try to stop by more often..
or once in a while, okay? ^^ I'll try. That does'nt mean I will.. ^^;

I'm getting close to beating Abyss! Finally.. But there's still some things I want to do before the end. Like beat Tales of Dragon Buster! Which I am going to go try again to do.. right now X3 It's so cool óż But pretty hard... I wonder if I'll ever be able to beat it..?

Have a great night everyone!
Take care ^_^x

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