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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sayonara Minna

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Sayonara!!! (22 June 08)

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    Man.. I cant post for 3 month. Managing 8 blog at same times spend a lot of time.

    I just want to inform that I'm still alive and I'm ok. ^^

    I miss all of U esp the one who always commenting my site.

    One of my art was removed from theO. This is that theO removed. Hmm Is it mature content? (think hard)

    Btw.. now I'm active at DA. U can open my da at http://double-g.deviantart.com/ Add me if U have account there. Its easier to visiting my friends art there.

    So sorry I can not visiting Ur blog now. But if U have account at DA, I will comment at Ur art if you posting new art.

    The question for now... SHOULD I SUBMIT MY ART AT THEOTAKU.com EVEN I CANT VISITING OTEHRS ART? Seems so egoist. I feel guilty. T_T

    Ok... thats its for now. Just want to say I resign from MyO and a thousand thx for everything. Maybe I will update one or two time a month. Just for let U know I'm fine.

    I love MyO since this is my first blog. But I cant keep nit negleted like this T_T

    Have a nice day

    Video of the Post

    This is my character in Indonesian server ^^ Shirei is wizard fan right now at Ghost Online. Ghost Online is really great game! you must try it! ^^ Hope you like it ^^

    I made this for all of my friend at Ghost Online ^^ especially everyone who involve in this AMV ^^ and made for member guild of 1HitKO and also SHaDow's member when I was in that guild ^^ and also for all Game Master in Ghost Online (Gale, Tristan, Angel, Zesca, Am03r, Black) *especially for my love [GM]Gale lol

    Picture of the Post

    This is my fourth Shin cloth. Ahahahah I'm maniac with him. lol I made his cotume from Daily cloth, White uniform war cloth, Black Uniform war cloth and the last one is Gakuen version

    Actually, he wearing doctor coat. But I dont like if my Saint Beast logo covered with the coat. So I tied it at my pants. weheheh

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