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Sunday, December 17, 2006

shizz Huh, I'm sitting here, doing nothing. Why, not post ne?

Well, it's been one hell of a week. It all sucked ass. Really, I don't think I've ever felt like this before. So much shit, happened all in one week, I'm still amazed. It sucked, that much.

Friday was more better than any other day of this week >.< Another part to go to, which was really fun. The guy friend is leaving today (T_T), and it was his party. I got a "How to learn Guitar" book from him, and cried XP. Really, I was happy, even though it was a book, you know? He's totally amazing, man I'm going to miss the crazy guy.

Ah, all projects are due this week, along with tests. Sucks, right? My gosh, I'm going to die! Ahh, save me T_T. So, I'm officially, dying with this pressure to "learn better" crap, from my rents. Like really, it's kind of sad.

A little rant, because I can
Again, my mom has problems with people and the word "friends". Like, it's really kind of sad. She takes all her past shit, on me, making me turn out like her in the end. Really, I don't want that. I'm sorry, I really like to be with people, instead of staying at home, listening to two idiot sons, a dad who sits and is cool (XD), and a mother who does nothing but complain. Blah, sick of it.

So, bleach movie came out yesterday! Wahh, cannot wait 'til it's subbed XDD. Nana 2 came out already; too, I also cannot wait, 'til that's subbed. Death Note movie, is out and subbed, so I'm watching that later on today XDD.

Shirow Miwa, is so fricken awesome! My gosh. I just finished reading Dogs. Wow, what a manga. I'm looking for some other works, by the artist. Another amazing manga, to be added into the collection XDD. I love Badou & Haine! Wahh Crazy-gun-blasting-in-a-bad-ass-way love XDD.

ZOMG! Paradise Kiss Vol. DVD out DEC. 19!!

Alright! I'm done, back to some reading. Last week of classes! YOSHI!


"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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