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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm very happy that everyone likes my new theme! It didn't take me long to do actually. I just needed to figure out, what show I was going to do, that had a winter feel around it, lol.

I'm extremely tired, why? I have no clue, actually. I just am. I've been extremely tired for the last two weeks. I guess, I just need a break, which is coming up XP.

Ah, one of my best guy friends, are leaving for the holidays, like so many others, so his surprise going away party is being held this weekend! Yay! I cannot wait. I still have to get his present, probably tomorrow or Friday, either way, it's an awesome present XDD. Wah,'tis going to be a very cool but sad day.

So, with the help of Vicky, I'm in love, again with D.Gray-man, which is an amazing manga, and a cool new start-out show. The plot and characters are really, humm wow-ish XDD. The anime OP and ED are really good choices, along with the voices XD. Really, this is one of the many mangas I recommend you read. The anime just started, so there are only 11 episodes (including today's). GO! GO AND FIND IT XDD!

Huh..I've got to get ready for school..

"Without despair, and grief you cannot experience happiness and love."


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